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The extremely urgent need to clarify Intrinsic Evils!!!!!!
Question from Paul Pakstis on 10/7/2013:

Dear Dr. Richard Geraghty, The "Intrinsic Evils," such as abortion (Obama voted three times against the Born Alive Protection Act and then falsely denied this), same-sex marriage (Obama appointed two supreme court judges who voted radically for abortion and same-sex marriage), attacks on freedom of religion (e.g. Health and Human Services requiring employers to cover sterilization), EMBRYONIC stem cell research, euthanasia, and cloning are all promoted and voted for in the Democratic Party's platform!!!! All of the other issues are debatable!! The Republican Party’s platform votes against these “Intrinsic Evils!!!!” Therefore, why does not the Roman Catholic Church’s leadership make this crystal clear by shouting this daily!!!!!? I know this is harsh, because two thirds of the Bishops do shout this, but one third of the Bishops do not!!!! Consequently, the laity is confused and/or allowed to rationalize about voting for “Intrinsic Evils!!” Please beg daily all the Bishops to make this clear, and to stop being afraid to take a stand or a political side!! Being politically correct is not being holy, when one political party’s platform is voting for all five “Intrinsic Evils,” and the other political party’s platform is voting against all five “Intrinsic Evils!!” Thank You. (Paul Pakstis)

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 11/2/2013:

Dear Paul,

I think you are being overly generous in saying that two thirds of the Bishops are shouting out against intrinsic evils and one third are silent. But let that be. I also think that you are being over optimistic about Republicans being forces for good because they have on their platform a condemnation of intrinsic evils. The platforms are more like a big tent to include the religious element. But when it comes to practice big government wins out many times. Now Pope Francis has taken another angle. While he insists that intrinsic evils should be preached against day in and day out, they are not the only things to be opposed. For very large segments of the population are being crushed by the way that economics, both Capitalist, Communist, and Socialistic, are being carried out. People on the bottom are being driven more deeply into the bottom. There is need, then, for those better off to open their hearts to the oppressed, to identify with them. This was the attitude of St. Francis who identified with the poor and even with the birds, fish, and wolves. People caught in the toils of acting promiscuously with the opposite sex or the same sex, or of aborting their own babies, have go be told that they are sinning. But they will not listen to these admonitions unless they come from clergy and laity who have as warm a heart for other sinners as they have for their own sins. Everybody is a sinner in their own way, the upper classes insisting they have a right to their wealth because they worked so hard for it, and the lower classes eating themselves up with envy and resentment. The relationship is that of the self righteous greedy to the self righteous resentful. Conflict between the classes is the inevitable result. What is needed is an open heart, a warm hearted person, an open church, a warm hearted church. But the openness and the warmth must come from a person who is fully orthodox. While Christ openly attacked the religious leaders of his day, he spent most of his time going about the country healing the blind, sick and lame, even feeding everybody with the loaves and fishes. He wept over Jerusalem, saying he would have taken it under his wing as a mother hen did its chicks. But He was rejected. And so he went out and was crucified for them. That's what I mean by an open and warm heart.

Dr. Geraghty


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