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Michael Voris
Question from Andrew Tucker on 7/11/2013:

Hey Dr Geraghty,

Is Michael Voris of ChurchMillantTV a creditable source for Catholicism?

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 11/17/2013:

Dear Andrew,

I have seen many of his presentations on the INTERNET. As far as I can see he is quite orthodox. Yet he has this difference with EWTN. He judged EWTN to be too much an of an establishment organ of orthodox Catholics who are not critical enough of the Bishops. He is much more openly critical, naming names and citing instances. He prefers the old days when Mother Angelica was in charge, leaving in no doubt her opinion of Cardinal Mahoney in LA about the liturgical matter of the Holy Eucharist and about the laxity of many priests in the celebration of the Mass. The present leadership takes the same stance but is much quieter about it. It is under a sympathetic and admirable Bishop who gives them room to spread true faith. Now just as the local Bishop is in communion with the other Bishops in the land and must try to keep a united front with them, so EWTN will be quite cooperative with its local Bishop and other Bishops of the same kind. Bishops are, after all, the successors of the Apostles with the Pope as the Vicar of Christ on earth. Now as Pope Francis has warned, Catholics cannot be just focussed on the condemnation of abortion, same sex marriage, clerical and lay child abuse, liturgical disorder, and a host of other evils. While there has been a lack of this in the last fifty years or so, there have been Bishops, priests and lay people who have spoken out. Nevertheless fighting direct is not enough. Catholics must reach out, be open to, a broken world, especially the poor that are being ground down by an unjust economic order, be it socialistic, communist, or capitalist. While the Church must be a definite house, society, flock, castle,or kingdom, she must have the doors, the bridges, the openings that lead out to a suffering world which is ignorant and even hostile to it. An example is Mother Teresa. While she was as orthodox as anyone, she devoted her whole life to taking dying adults and babies off the streets so they might at least die with dignity. Now that's being open, warm hearted, inviting. Pope Francis is inviting all Catholics to do the same. While faith gives a definite goal, it does not all at once light all true steps to that goal. when Mary was told that he was to be the Mother of God, she quite naturally asked how that was to be since she was a virgin. When St. Joseph had doubts about his betrothal to Mary after learning that she was with child he quite naturally though about putting her away without disgracing her. He had to be told by an angel that it was OK to marry Mary. Faith does not clear up all difficulties. Rather it makes for more difficulties that cannot be resolved immediately but take time to resolve. God does resolve them--but in his own good time. In he meantime we proceed step by step with just enough light to takes next step. We already know the goal--but we certainly do not know all the streps that have to be taken to get there, Faith, Hope and Charity are outlines to be filled it by each person in their own way. In answer to your quern, then, I consider Michael Voris to be a credible source for Catholicism. But in my opinion that does not mean that EWTN are likely to be close allies in the near future. But who knows for sure? God knows. But he is not talking just yet.

Dr. Geraghty


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