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unloved children
Question from Kathleen on 7/9/2013:

I was blowing off steam last time I wrote and don't think I asked a question. The abortion movement always useds the unwanted children defense. I have grandchildren whose parents are a mess - drug addicts and mentally ill. The kids have suffered terribly. They are dragged around and told horrible things and exposed to awful stuff. They are broken and I do what I can but I see their lives becoming completely screwed up. Society will be even WORSE when they have control of it. In the eyes of an abortionist - these kids should never have been born. I know the kids wish that at times and I confess that I look at them and suffer their existance too - I love them so much that I would wish they weren't in this mess is what I mean. What is your answer to the birth of children who are abused and tortured in this life but conception from selfish unloving parents? Does a pro-life person say that this is a GOOD thing? I know the kids had no choice but when a child is brought into the world to just suffer the horrors of rotten parents - how do I be happy about that? I would never support abortion but I would cry if one of these mothers told me they had conceived again. I hug my grandkids and I see their innocence gone and I work around the ugliness but I can't say I am happy for them being here to suffer so. How do YOU answer this? I know what God's plan was but there is no God in their plan and their lives are hell and they will pass this on to the next generation and so on ...

Answer by Judie Brown on 7/9/2013:


Pro-life people do not believe it is a good thing for children to be raised by parents who are abusive, disrespectful to the dignity of the human being and dysfunctional in other ways when it comes to parenting. Such parents need help, intervention and the children need to be loved by everyone in the family who understand the tragic situation of the parents and their ways.

The parents have exercised their free will and chosen to abuse their children in numerous ways. This is wrong and a crime. God gives every one of us a free will, and it is not God who causes people to choose evil over good, it is the individual who embraces the evil and plays it out in their life.

However, to suggest that such children are better off dead excuses the parents from the abuse they are imposing on their children and suggests that killing a child is helpful to the sick parents. This is simply wrong-headed.

The solution is to expose the parents and get help for the children, not to have killed the children before they were born.

Judie Brown


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