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Should I trust my ob/gyn?
Question from Maria on 4/12/2013:

I think Iím still in shock. My ob/gyn has been sending me for tests, which require a biopsy. I thought it was something like a pap smear and didnít think much of it, but today, I discovered that it was much more than that, as he was taking the sample from my uterus. Whatís bothering me is that he never once asked if I was pregnant or trying to get pregnant.

Furthermore, he prescribed something for me Ďto open up my cervixí to take on the day of the next test. Again, I didnít think anything of it, even when he told me that it might make me crampy all day. Well, today, I had the prescription filled and the pharmacist was handling me with kid gloves about it. She was giving me this look of sympathy and said good luck to me. I asked her about the cramps and she said, ďWell, this is an abortificant, so youíll feel pretty bad for about 12 hours.Ē

I was stunned. Again, my doctor never asked if I was pregnant or ever warned me about the prescription. If I hadnít questioned the pharmacist, I would have never known!

As it happens, I know Iím not pregnant and will be sure not to get pregnant before my test next week, but I shudder to think of what could have happened if things were different.

I was embarrassed in front of the pharmacist, whom I did set straight, even though this was private. I didnít want her to think badly of me or think that she was aiding in an abortion.

And you know what the worst of all this was (as if this wasn't bad enough)? The prescription was only 97 cents! When I need an antibiotic or some other life saving drug, it costs a minimum of $10 (with my prescription plan paying the balance). 97 cents to end a life!

So do I tell my doctor Iím not happy about not being informed? Do I tell other people I know that go to him (which means revealing personal information in a small town) or do I just keep quiet and have my test done? Should I go back to him and trust him again after this? He could have at least warned me to save me the embarrassment at the pharmacy, but he didnít even do that. Should I take the drug even this one time? Itís called Misoprostal.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Answer by Judie Brown on 4/14/2013:


Dr. Anthony Dardano responds to your question and the shocking experience you have had:

I too am "in shock" as this type of practice is inexcusable. First of all an endometrial biopsy is a common office procedure. It does take a small sample of the uterine lining for pathological diagnosis. I have done a countless number of these and indeed it is a valuable tool. The biopsy is done via a very thin plastic canula (only a few millimeters in diameter) which is introduced into the uterine cavity through the undilated cervix with minimal effort. Most patients don't even know I am doing it. I am usually done in less than a minute. HOWEVER, I must emphasize that the procedure should only be done (in the child bearing age) when the physician is sure as best he/she can be that the patient is not coincidentally pregnant at the time of procedure. This is not difficult. I ask the couple to refrain from intercourse at the onset of menses and schedule the procedure immediately after menses, still abstaining of course. There is also the in office pregnancy test just prior to the procedure on a urine sample which is quite accurate. My recommendation-find another gynecologist. Anyone who would prescribe mesoprostal as you described surely cannot have any respect for the sanctity of human life. If you are asked by your friends why you have changed physicians, a simple, "our ethics were incompatible" is enough to send the message.

May God bless you for your good intentions. Anthony N Dardano, MD, FACS, FACOG


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