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St. Therese Novena...getting roses, not getting answers
Question from Anne on 12/9/2012:

Greetings, this bin was open so I hope you can answer my question. In my 20s I prayed several novenas (about 30) in a row (within a year span) to St. Therese to confirm whether a particular man was the one I should marry. I received roses on all novenas including a dozen red roses and colors I secretly requested. Even though I got many roses the relationship never came about, dashing my hopes of getting married at the time. I'm ok now I never got this guy but I'm in my late 30s, still unmarried (looking) and feel cheated by getting roses only to have the answer never come to fruition. It says when we get roses from St. Therese it means our prayers will be answered. Yet, in my case nothing happened, but other people I hear/read get their prayers answered, esp. in a short time. To me the roses I received were a confirmation of marriage but I wonder if I was tricked by the evil one. I want to be St. Therese’s friend but I feel I cannot trust her in following through on new novenas when she didn't answer the ones in my 20s. This experience of praying many novenas to St. Therese also occurred with my sister who in her 20s received roses when asking about a particular guy but no relationship came about. My sister is in her late 30s, never married and still looking for Mr. Right. Any advice is appreciated. God bless.

Answer by Judie Brown on 12/10/2012:

Dear Anne

I have never heard of St. Therese tricking anyone but I do know that the devil preys on those who are most devout in their prayer life.

As far as the roses being connected to meeting someone, I am no expert. But the Society of the Little Flower tells us that roses are not involved most of the time when a prayer is answered. You can read about on their website:

I know young women who have prayed and prayed and thought many times that they received a sign that would lead them to a fellow they could love and, in the end, nothing happened. We live in a twisted world and we need to understand that if we are striving to discern God's will with sincerity of heart, His will may be such that the single life is His plan for some of us.

You are in my prayers.

Judie Brown


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