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economic collapse/preparation
Question from Anonymous on 11/25/2012:

Times are scary with the re-election of Obama. We have watched the movie “For Greater Glory” which tells the true story of how the Mexican president nearly 100 years ago, took away their religious freedoms. Consequently, an army of under-ground Catholics, known as the Christiadas—soldiers for Christ -- rose up to regain their freedoms back through a very bloody civil war. Priests were murdered in their own churches, Catholics were persecuted and killed if they were caught practicing their faith. Nearly 90,000 were killed from the government’s side and the Christiada’s side. Mexico still suffers from those years. Amazingly, there really wasn’t any record of this war, until it was resurrected on the big screen, now on DVD, for us to learn about. Mexico’s president was an atheist, like our president. He too spread his socialistic beliefs, like our president is doing. The Mexican president led his government to attack the Catholic religion much like the HHS Mandate is doing now here. We fear we are heading in the same direction with our present administration. We know God is in charge, but an economic collapse seems unavoidable with the $16 trillion debt, unemployment rampant, entitlements increasing, and the attack on our religious freedoms through Obamacare/HHS mandate. The attack is endless. The Catholics who voted for Obama should be ashamed of themselves and seek confession immediately! Question: How would you prepare for the coming collapse here in the U.S.? Of course, we understand the foremost important preparation is spiritually, but what about economically and financially? Even Noah prepared by bringing food on to the arc for his family and his animals. A collapse has happened in the U.S. before. Our parents lived through the 1930 depression years, but at least they had their religious liberties intact. We remember their stories vividly of the terrible poverty and lack of food. God bless you for keeping us informed. We pray for our priests every day especially for those who seem to be too afraid to tell us the truth about our president and administration. We would recommend the movie “For Greater Glory” for every person who treasures their religious freedom!

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 11/27/2012:

Granting that spiritual preparation is first and foremost, it is also legitimate to prepare physically--especially those with families. Disasters can occur from a number of sources: natural, economic collapse, terrorists, government. It is apparent from what recently happened on the east coast with the storm that entire regions can go down, meaning loss of electricity, loss of communication, lack of mobility, lack of food and water, danger from looting, etc. I suggest that folks have on hand a supply of canned goods--each time you go shopping, add a few canned items to put in a pantry--and some water. Depending upon circumstances, some may have on hand a generator, in case electricity goes out. Also have a plan with members of family, to include an agreed upon meeting place(s) away from home, in case some disaster shuts down access to your home and city. Believe, even now the military is preparing for disasters, including from terrorism, and these simple measures are advised. I would also keep some cash on hand and not in banks, in case there arises an inability to access your bank or accounts for a time. We should not be paranoid but being prepared is prudent. Even our Lord warned the disciples to flee when the Son of Man was coming, which was first fulfilled in the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 AD. While one million Jews died in the city, no Christians were found therein, as they had fled to the east and elsewhere.

Father Echert


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