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Gods answer to prayer
Question from cyber on 11/13/2012:

Dear Fr. Since the recent election I have felt very discouraged and disappointed because we all prayed novena's, daily rosarys before the Blessed Sacrament and other prayers and masses daily for months that a pro life, pro family, pro marriage between a man and a woman and pro religious liberty, president be elected, and God allowed the presidential candidate that is pro abortion, pro gay marriage, and also one who many Catholic insitutions have lawsuits against because we will have to pay for healthcare plans that pay for abortions. My question is, why did God not answer our prayers and elect the better candidate. I am told that He is in charge and nothing happens unless He allows it. Also He says in scripture that if you have faith as small as a mustard seed you can move a mountain, and that if we ask anything in His name it will be granted us. Also, if you ask anything and believe you have it, it will be granted you. Many other scriptures too, regarding answers to prayer. Surely God saw everyone kneeling down before the Blessed Sacrament praying novenas and rosarys daily, and surely He would have wanted a pro life, pro family, etc. president. I feel disappointed and discouraged that our prayers were not answered for the better candidate to be president of our country. It makes me wonder about the power of prayer, after all those novenas, rosarys, masses and prayers. Can you explain why God did not answer our prayers the way we hoped and asked when He has all power in heaven and on earth to do what He wills.

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 11/20/2012:

God hears every prayer of those in grace but He answers as He chooses and as He knows best. It could be that the sins of this nation cry out to Heaven for punishment and that judgment is upon us or it could be that God will allow evil to ramp up even more such that we see evil for what it is. Consider that since we only see a tiny snapshot of reality, versus God who sees all for all time, we can hardly imagine or be in a position to know what is best, all things considered. But also consider this: by all your prayers and penances and activism, you and others have become even more worthy of the merits that belong to the saints. In other words, you are all the better for the efforts, regardless of a seeming lack of success. Just don't forfeit that merit by now becoming discouraged and lacking in faith in the Providence of God. Believe me, I feel as you do and did everything in my power, including from the pulpit, to keep evil from advancing and being re-elected. God judges us by our motives and efforts, not by success.

Thanks, Cyber

Father Echert


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