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your response to pro choice at Catholic School assembly
Question from anonymous on 11/8/2012:

Hi Judie, I just want to thank you for all of the work you do for the unborn babies with the pro life movement, and also for speaking out against the abuses and silence of the bishops. I just wanted to make a comment on your comment to the upset mother who had this terrible thing happen.

You told her that Cardinal Dolan is a very good Bishop. This is simply not true. The Cardinal may fight for the prolife cause, but actions speak louder than words. His recent dining with Obama at the Al Smith Dinner and laughing it up with him, says it all. I am sure you have seen the picture that was posted all over websites or all you had to do was watch the televised event and you would have seen it. Is it any wonder over 50% of Catholics voted for Obama. Why would they think it is a big deal or that bad when they see a sheperd of the church cracking jokes while sitting next to the man who is for abortion on demand and even killing a baby who is partly born. He can't do that and then in the next breath say to people, "oh by the way, don't vote for Obama." Who would take that seriously. It is doubletalk. Below is a good article of what took place. Sorry, but the photo that the article is referring to would not paste on to the email. But I am sure you know what photo it is. It is the one of Cardinal Dolan and Obama sitting next to each other like they dont' have a care in the world.

Thanks again Judie for all you do! Please read article below.

His Eminence Laughs It Up by Christopher A. Ferrara November 2, 2012

So Cardinal Dolan has had his fun with Barack Obama at the Al Smith Dinner. Here he is sharing a few yuks with the proponent of government-subsidized "partial birth" abortion whom he honored by sitting next to him at the dinner:

What's so funny, Cardinal Dolan?

During an interview in the National Catholic Reporter, Dolan dared to justify this outrage by likening it to the Incarnation of Our Lord:

Question: There are some people who would say you're just wrong for doing that. How do you find that balance?

Dolan: "There might be some people who would say that God the Father was misguided in sending his only begotten son to sinful humanity. Some might question the wisdom and prudence of the Incarnation, I don't know. It seems to me that God the Father set a pretty good example of probably the best way to invite people to eternal salvation is to be in the midst of them, to be incarnate where they're at. I don't mean to be dismissive, because you do have to try to be sensitive to some of the feelings."

I didn't see the Cardinal inviting Obama to eternal salvation while he dined with this moral monster and laughed at his professionally written gag lines. What I did see, however, was Dolan ridiculing his own Church and its earthly head.

After noting that both candidates claim their parties are "big tents, containing extraordinarily diverse, even contrary, opposite people and groups," Dolan delivered this gag line: "Well, you two don't have anything over the Catholic Church. We got both Biden and Ryan — alright? — as Catholics."

Yuk! Yuk! Dolan thus blithely implied that Biden — the notorious pro-abort — and Ryan — who has a perfect 100% rating from the National Right to Life Committee — are equally good Catholics, residing in the one big happy Catholic tent of diverse opinion.

Reading from his prepared remarks, Dolan told another joke — to the uproarious laughter of an audience filled with cheap politicians and pro-abortion millionaires:

"By the way, just before I left Rome this morning, Pope Benedict XVI pulled me aside and asked me to deliver a personal, special message to both candidates. Mr. President and Governor Romney, do you know what the Holy Father asked me to tell the two of you? Well, neither do I because he said it in Latin, and I don't understand a word of it."

Funny guy! Too bad his laughs come at the expense of the Pope, the Church, and her sacred universal language. Dolan made all three into a laughingstock. And this from someone who is supposed to be a prince of the Church who vows to defend its honor unto blood martyrdom. In the case of Cardinal Dolan, what we have instead is a clown prince who has apparently vowed to make a fool of himself at every opportunity.

I am sorry, but there is no longer any reason for restraint in responding to this ecclesiastical buffoon and the continuing scandal he represents. With prelates like these, there is no hope, humanly speaking, for reversal of the ecclesial decline they have presided over, grinning like fools as they strangle the life out of the Church Militant, surrendering their God-given authority to the diabolical powers that be.

Look again at the photograph of Dolan laughing and having a good time with a President who endorses abortion on demand (even to the point of killing a baby who is already partly born), whom he timidly refuses to rebuke or correct in any way, and know just how deep is the crisis in the Church.

Our Lady of Fatima, deliver us!

Answer by Judie Brown on 11/12/2012:


I have been recuperating from hip replacement surgery and the response to which you refer was written by an assistant who later told me that he wished he had not said that the Cardinal was a good Bishop due to the very facts you point out.

Thank you for your faithful defense of truth. As you correctly suggest, Cardinal Dolan is a political animal. I only wish he was the shepherd he is called to be; let us pray for him.

Judie Brown


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