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pro-life education regarding abortion
Question from a on 11/6/2012:

Why do pro-life groups not share the truth with people BEFORE they have abortions – in churches, religious classes, leaflets and booklets, within their own belief systems and group members? It is cruel to have to face the truth After having an abortion, and much more difficult.

When I was in high school, we had a group come and show slides of aborted children at different stages of development. No one in the group that had believed in abortion had the stomach to believe any more. When the leader of the abortion group returned the next day, having avoided the slide presentation, no one was willing to agree with her any more about being ‘pro- choice’ and told her so.

I realize that in public schools that is no longer possible – this was very long ago. But there are places – including in churches – where this could still be possible. For those who then chose not to see, ignorance is no longer an excuse.

The bottom line is that abortion is the taking of another’s precious life, and at the most innocent and most vulnerable stage of life – the very 1st stages of life/development of the human person – and is done so in order to benefit those who will continue living by taking that innocent life.

The reasons given for abortion could in also be given for any – murder.

1) For personal gain/benefit (whether real or imagined, to solve a problem or avoid a problem, to ‘safe’/protect a relationship – and for the medical professional who does the abortion it is purely murder for hire - greed)

2) It does not go against one’s own self- preservation/survival instincts – it is in fact based on those very instincts to do what is best for oneself – in this case at the cost of the life of one’s own child at the most vulnerable stage of development.

3) Done with pre-meditation (making an appointment, hiring a professional)

4) Does not risk (is believed to not be risking) the survival of the one having the abortion – the one doing the ‘choosing’ is not the one is NOT planning to be the one to pay with their own life.

Bottom line being that it is no different from any other: Murder

All humans can understand and even sympathize with this because it is part of the evil of our human nature that we all can wish to have someone out of our lives that we feel could endanger our current status/relationships or future plans.

The basic reason why murder is committed in general. For personal benefit. Abortion is not about religion or god believed in – it is about the most basic truth that life on this earth does not belong to anyone else to take away from another – if basic human life isn’t protected by law it will eventually lead to chaos and destruction within the very structures of societies.

The one having the abortion hopes to gain and/or keep from losing something by killing the child. There is no perceived danger to oneself in killing the child – while there is a definite perceived benefit by ending the child’s life.

Sex is a free choice. It is a grave violation of freedom and dignity of any person to have that free choice taken away (by rape, child molestation, force or pressure of any kind – though the child pro-created even in these circumstances is certainly NOT the guilty party and not the one deserving of the death penalty).

Sex is the way that humans pro-create/continue human life on earth. When sex is by mutual consent but the life pro-created by free choice (sexual act) is then brutally murdered, and that life which is taken from this earth forever was one’s own child – it is the gravest violation against self and against society, as well as against the child.

The only way for a child to be born is to go through the developmental stages of life in the mother’s womb. No child would be born if all children were terminated/murdered while in their mother’s womb. That is a fact of life. The ‘issue’ of whether a child is ‘human’ or not – is evilly absurd. Reality shows that birth is a Continuation of the development stage, which is Begun in the womb of the mother. A heartbeat does NOT start at birth, the heart must develop and that is done within the mother’s womb. NO CHILD can live outside the mother’s womb without having had a sufficient amount of time to development first. There are NO ready made children that don’t need the developmental stage of the mother’s womb in order to be able to continue living when born. Birth is a major milestone in development – but so are the stages during pregnancy – how many children are born with birth defects – care during pregnancy is essential to help reduce changes of birth defects and also reduce danger of child dying Before being born. Doctors monitor, and even correct, problems that occur during the pregnancy stages of development to prevent health problems and birth defects Prior to the child being born.

Answer by Judie Brown on 11/7/2012:

Pro-life groups DO share information concerning pregnancy and abortion through church pro-life groups--both adult and youth-- sidewalk counseling, pro-life websites, crisis pregnancy centers, adveristing, activism, etc. The information is out there for anyone who wants to access it. Unfortuantely, the other side is very diligent in promoting its culture of death, but pro-lifers have to be steadfast in their mission to return our nation to one where life, from the moment of conception to natural death, is respected at all stages.

If you are not familiar with American Life League, please go to our website . . . . . . and you will learn many ways in which YOU can promote a culture of life.

May God bless you and your efforts.

Judie Brown


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