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"catholics" for Obama
Question from bts on 9/12/2012:

Dear Judie, We must be at the end of an era - everything is collapsing around us and we are truly like sheep without Shepherds other than of course Christ Himself in the Sacraments...

The USCCB does NOT speak for Christ & His Church at all anymore - they have sold Him out and it so evident. Entitelments from the government have replaced Catholic charity (isn't that so convenient for the Bishops?) and we have become one huge dysfunctional family where we are enabling and encouraging others to be lazy, to celebrate ILLEGAL activities, to lie, to cheat, to engage in fraud and unspeakable deeds of immorality to boot!

People who work hard are now the victims of the greatest injustice - we work hard so others can stay home on the couch watching their plasma TVs with their government paid for cell phones, IPODs, and then head to the store at their leisure with their plentiful food stamps to go get prime rib and ice cream, receive contraception, abortion and who knows what else (sex change operations?, assisted suicides?, embryos on ice for IVF and for cloning?) all on our dime under Obamacare. This madness MUST end!

Forgive me but I see Archbishop Dolan as one HUGE politician - he seems more interested more in paling around with the Herods, Pilates, Neros, & Hitlers than standing with and defending Jesus. A rash judgment? - I don't think so. I am frankly tired of giving money to a Church who stands with and supports the Party of Death. I am tired of giving my hard-earned money to the likes of Dolan who is spending it on partying it up with Obama!

Warnings should be issued by the Catherine of Sienas of our day to almost every one of the US Bishops that they are obviously choosing Hell over Christ (& yes Fr. Barron, there ARE untold number of souls in hell. How dare he challenge Jesus' very Own words and Our Lady of Fatima when She showed the children the multitude of souls there and said to them "Souls are falling into hell like snowflakes?" It could be quite a sight to see Fr. Barron and Archbishop Dolan there for all eternity scratching their heads and looking at eachother and wondering what the heck, what are WE doing in this VERY CROWDED place? But be sure they will have all their pro-death dem buddies with them who they so much sought to impress in this life - the evil persons like Pelosi, Reid, an array of Kennedys, Biden, Sebelius, the Obamas, etc, etc)

I know we need to pray for all these souls but objectively they are all choosing to be in a state of very serious mortal sin at the moment!

I would encourage all your readers to read this script and/or view this video - we need help from Rome and we need it NOW!

God please have Mercy on the USA for the sake of the Remnant!

Answer by Judie Brown on 9/14/2012:

Dear BTS


Judie Brown


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