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salvation army and planned parenthood
Question from linda on 12/17/2011:

Is it ok to donate to salvation army now? GET THE FACTS... Does The Salvation Army support Planned Parenthood as some have liably said on the internet?

No-we do not have any relationship whatsoever with Planned Parenthood, now or ever. We do not provide any funding for any other non-profit agencies.

Does The Salvation Army support the United Way of America and other groups which, in some communities fund groups like Planned Parenthood?

No-we do not fund other agencies or charitable groups such as the United Way. The United Way does fund The Salvation Army in many communities throughout the nation, but again, we receive funds from United Way as an organzation, to help us to help many people who would otherwise be without assistance in their time of need.

Does the monies raised in McHenry County through red kettles and online giving and mail appeal letters stay in McHenry County to help McHenry County residents?

Yes-funds raised here, stay here to help us help others.

Does The Salvation Army have an annual independent audit of its financial records?

Yes, we do. The annual financial audit is held in late November for he year prior and the audit income and expense report is published annually in our Annual Report each May, which is distributed at the Annual Civic Dinner. We are also reviewed by an independent allocations panel of the Greater McHenry County United Way and internally by our Divisional Finance Department's fiscal management department.

What about a local Advisory Board which is comprised of leaders from government, business and industry?

We have a local Advisory Board comprised of volunteer leaders from throughout McHenry County holding prominent positions in government, business and industry. These key leaders are unpaid and they receive no compesation whatsoever for their very beneficial community service. The Advisory Board meets monthly at the administrative offices of The Salvation Army of McHenry County, in Crystal Lake.

Is there a Salvation Navy?

Not that we are aware of.

How much of our donation goes to provide services to those in need?

The National average of about 82-83¢ per dollar goes to provide Emergency Assistance and Disaster Services to people in need. We are very close to that average amount per dollar here in McHenry

Answer by Judie Brown on 12/18/2011:

Dear Linda

Please see the facts about the Salvation Army at this URL:

In my opinion, donations should not go to them until they change their policy.

Judie Brown


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