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Question from Greg Neuhaus on 8/23/2009:

I have a book of prayers collected by a corporation called Miraculous Lady of Roses, 1186 Burlington Dr. Hickory Corners, MI 49060-9330. In this book is a group of 15 prayers revealed to St. Bridget of Sweden in the Church of St. Paul at Rome. There appears to be an imprimatur, "Sagii, die XXIV Aprillis 1903". Just prior to the prayers there are 15 promises that (presumably) Our Lord made to St. Bridget providing the prayers are said for a whole year.

These 15 promises were apprently NOT to be published, as recommended by Marius Crovini, Notary of the Supreme Holy Congregation of the Holy Office in 28 January 1954 (this notice was published by EWTN).

"Marius Crovini Notary of the Supreme Holy Congregation of the Holy Office -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- In some places, a little work has been disseminated called the "Secret of Happiness: 15 prayers revealed by the Lord to St. Bridget in the Church of St. Paul at Rome", published at Nice and elsewhere in several languages. Since it is asserted in this pamphlet that God made to St. Bridget certain promises, whose supernatural origin is uncertain, let local ordinaries take care not to grant permission for publishing or reprinting pamphlets or other writings which contain these promises.

Given at Rome, from the offices of the Holy Office, 28 January 1954

Marius Crovini

Notary of the Supreme Holy Congregation of the Holy Office"

However, at the beginning the prayers mentioned in this email, there is a publishment sanction of the "Decree of November 18, 1966, Acta Apotolicae Sedis, Vol. 58, no. 16 of Dec. 29, 1966", (in the booklet of prayers) which post dates the recommendation to not publish these promises of St. Bridget by Marius Crovini (I could not verify this document).

1. If these promises & prayers been recommended NOT to be published, then how can they still be published or are they being published in a form that overrides Marius Crovini's ban?

2. Are the 15 promises & prayers of St. Bridget satisfactorily published any where that does not fall under the recommended ban of Marius Crovini?

Lastly, I am troubled by the inconsistency of the statement that Our Lord revealed to St. Bridget "I received 5480 blows on My Body". In another prayer in the same booklet, to St. Elizabeth Queen of Hungary, St. Matilda and St. Bridget, there is a description of the cruelties that Our Lord suffered in His Passion that does NOT correlate with the 15 promises to St. Bridget & the "5480 blows". How can I pray these recommended prayers with reverence if I doubt their authenticity?

Thank You & God Bless Your Organization for your patient consideration of my inquiry.

Sincerely, Greg Neuhaus

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 10/22/2009:

Dear Greg,

The Church gives wide latitude to the devotions which the faithful may practice. She does not give private revelations the standing that she gives the revelations in the Gospels or in Church documents. If you are not comfortable with certain devotions, you are free to drop them and go to another devotion. Let the Bishops and Pastors judge between the various devotions and keep you soul in peace.

Dr. Geraghty


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