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Dr. Joe Mizzi
Question from John Stevens on 5/5/2002:

Recently Bruce posted to your forum about a web site by a Dr. Joe Mizzi. A group of Protestants and Catholics in the Houston area began meeting and debating with one another a couple of years ago. Some of this discussion and debate shifted to e-mail and Dr. Joe Mizzi joined (uninvited) into our discussions. For about a year, another Catholic and I carried on a dialogue with Joe Mizzi. During this time we effectively answered every challenge he gave us and he was able to answer essentially nothing of what we presented him with. His replies totally ignored anything we sent to him and consisted of more anti-Catholic diatribe. I often got the impression he never read our replies. He certainly never dealt with them. After about a year he decided that he didn't want to correspond with the two informed Catholics anymore. However, to this day he still sends info from his web page to a very close Protestant friend of mine who copies me so that I can see what old Joe is up to. Joe Mizzi is a pediatrician who lives on the island of Malta. He was born a Catholic. His brother was influenced by an evangelical and left the Catholic Church to establish his own church. Joe Mizzi belongs to his brother's church. Apart from his religious discussions he seems like a very fine man, but like many who have left the Catholic Church he is consummed with the need to prove that the Catholic Church is an apostate Church. His theology is primarily Calvinist although Calvin would not agree with much that he has to say. There is a question that I posed to Joe Mizzi and to every Protestant who challenges the Church. Neither Joe nor anyone else has been able to answer it. In the Gospel of Matthew Christ promises to be with His Church all days even to the end of the world. If that is true then there must have existed since the time of Christ - true Christians who believed correctly and practiced their faith correctly. I doubt Christ would promise to be with apostates. Since the time of Christ Catholics can name many people who believe as we believe and practiced their faith as we practice it. I challenge those who accuse the Catholic Church of being a false Church to name only 3 historically verifiable people in each century who believe as they believe and practiced their faith as they practice it. If Joe Mizzi and others are correct then there must have been 'true Christians' in each century who believed and practiced as they do. This challenge leaves us with 3 possibilities: 1) There were Christians who believed and practiced like Joe Mizzi.(Name 3 per century) 2) Those real Christians through the centuries were Catholics. 3) Christ lied. Which is it? None of us thinks Christ lied. Catholics can list countless people in all centuries who attended Mass, believed in the 'Real Presence', etc. Joe and others should be able to find 3 people who believed as they did. If they cannot identify these people then I submit they didn't exist. There is a historical record of the pagans, the heretics, the Mohammedans, etc. The only people for whom there is no historical record is this remnant of true Christians who believed and practiced like Joe Mizzi. True Christians would not be much of a 'light to the world' if nobody even knew they existed. I have yet to hear anyone other than a Catholic fully address the above question. If Bruce has further concerns about the material in Dr. Joe Mizzi's web page he can e-mail me at I will make sure he receives a correct Catholic response. I don't want him to be led astray by those who have an agenda against the Church. Sorry for the length of this post but I felt compelled to address this concern. Thanks for your wonderful forum Fr. Echert. Yours in Christ, John Stevens

Answer by Fr. John Echert on 5/5/2002:

And thank you for your very informative and enlightening post, John.

Father Echert


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