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Abortion and the democratic party
Question from ben on 1/3/2003:

Dear Judie Brown, I simply do not know what to do! I am a Roman Catholic and I am very PRO-LIFE but I am a staunch DEMOCRAT! I have been told that voting or supporting a political party that, for the most part, is pro-death is a sin and un-Catholic. My problem is ,that if what I am told is true, then I would have to, as a devout Catholic, to end my support for the Democratic party. BUT, I cannot and will not be a republican. I am a devout and dedicated environmentalist and I and I am amazed at how the Democratic party has many ideals that are very Christian! I feel the Christian teachings of loving ones neighbor and treating each other as equals and respecting nature and all God's creatures are upheld by the Democrats, more so than the republicans. Since 9-11 the republicans have been so quick to take away hard won rights in the name of national security. As a Christian I cannot support a party that is very POR-WAR and very quick to take our rights away. I think that the Democratic party can be pro-death in their support of abortion, but the republican party can be as pro-death in their support of war and capital punishment! So To be honest, I am lost, I am a Catholic and a Democrat and it seems I can't be both due to abortion issuses...what do I do?!?

Thank you so much and I pray that God will bless you and your family...pray for me a sinner!

Answer by Judie Brown on 1/3/2003:

Dear Ben

First of all, let us be clear about one basic fact: without the right to life, there is no other right that can ever be exercised. The victim of abortion dies; he or she can never make the kinds of decisions that you have made. So, fundamentally, if a political party favors the execution of the innocent before birth, nothing that party does can be valid. By abdicating the basic fact that every person's right to life must be protected, the party has said and acted in a way that exposes its commitment to murder. Abortion is murder - the Church defines it as such.

Second, the Republican party is no more pro-life than the actions of its members portray. Words are cheap; and Republicans say a lot of words to appease pro-life Americans, but do nothing to protect the babies. Just as many of these little ones are dying today as died before Bush took office. More are dying today than ever before in the 30 year history of our struggle. So I am not defending Republicans nor am I defending their party.

I wonder if you know that many environmental groups favor population elimination including abortion. You should investigate this.

What should you do? Remain committed to God and His Church; vote for individuals who reflect the Truth of God's word and don't claim any party at all. Once we decide to independently choose only those candidates who reflect Truth, we will begin to see change in our nation.

Judie Brown


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