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Pre-election church instructions on voting
Question from Mary on 11/14/2012:

Hello Judy, Thank you for all you do to promote the sacredness of human life. I have a question about how my Parish and Diocese handled materials and information before the election. In general the Diocese came out with a 3 paage lengthy 'voter guide' which I doubt many really read entirely. it was wordy, confusing and you had to get to the last couple of paragraphs before it talked specifically about intrinsic evils. I mentioned this to my pastor and hoped that sometime during the elction period clarity would be provided in a homily of some type or more information would go out about issues but that never happened. The Sunday before the election the Parish priest read a letter from the Bishop which did say something about putting the unborn child at the center of the election and then dramatically talked about voting as if we were before God's judgment seat and then ended with vote according to your individual conscience which I knew as soon as I heard it was the exit door for anyone who wanted to vote for the Democrats. I went out the church and some pro-lifers had put pamplets on cars and of course they were chased off and the pamplets removed, one pro-life woman stood with a sign on the sidewalk (public) and the Priest put a statement in the bulletin apologizing for her being there the next Sunday, after the election. I feel like my rights as a Catholic lay person to have clear guidance from the Shepherds was not met in this election. I thought truth was obscured in every possible way. I thought there was a strong implication that human conscience is above Church tradition and teaching and I felt like my Church was without any pilots... Do I have a right to complain and how can I do so? I want to at least have my feelings heard by someone without feeling like I am the bad guy for once. I felt so bad because that pro-life woman holding the sign was probably yelled at by someone in my church and to me she was Christ, she was holding the truth up more than my Pastors. God Bless, Mary (soory, I know this sound so stressed, but I feel stressed about this)

Answer by Judie Brown on 11/18/2012:


You have put into words the agony that so many Catholics felt during the past election period.

Please do not give up hope ... the Lord will not be mocked. We must pray and work to spread His truth and let the chips fall where they may.

Judie Brown


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