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Judging of Actions
Question from Franco on 11/27/2012:

I teach, based on my Catholic faith, the truth. That truth is that we are out of love to judge actions of ourselves and other but to NOT judge the heart in matters of heaven and hel, meaning we can't determine who is righteous and worthy

Someone will always bring up "judge not yet ye be judged or who is free of sin shall cast the first stone" Do we not have a duty to correct a brother, or to take a sin to the church, to preach repent or forgiveness for if there has not been a judgment that something is a sin, there can be no repentance or forgiveness. There can be no pardon if there has been no crime.

I read on here where a woman suggested to a mom that her son's soul may be endangered because he has married a man and the mom was excited about it. So when the woman told her that, the mom replied that you are judging. Linda from this site appeared to correct the woman by saying she should have not brought that up when that woman was sharing joy in her son's life with her.

Well what if her son was murdering people and found joy in that? What if her son was aborting a baby and found joy in that? What if you met Hitler and he found joy in what he was doing? How do we put people in prison or how do we trials, judges and a jury if we aren't judging?

How can we forgive or repent or pardon if we haven't judged that there is a crime, a sin, a tresspass and that includes selves and others as well? If I forgive you, that means I have judged your wrong doing.

Answer by Richard Geraghty on 1/6/2013:

Dear Franco,

You are right. It is our Catholic duty to judge that abortion and acts like that are wrong. It is wrong to marry outside the Church. But that does not mean that we know what is going on in the soul of one who acts that way. We cannot judge how responsible before God they are for their act. Only God knows that. What we and the Church knows is that these acts are wrong. We don't know how responsible for the sinners acts in the eyes of God. Only God knows that for sure. Sometimes a priest will refuse absolution because he judges that the sinner is not sorry for having done the sin. But that's the priest's responsibility, not ours.

Dr. Geraghty


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