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Susan Komen Foundation Kay Birrcher 11-25-2015
Support of Susan Komen Foundation in October Kay Birrcher 11-25-2015
Re: faith Seeking Understanding Paul 11-25-2015
Tragedy in France Anonymous 11-24-2015
California referendum Will 11-24-2015
Marco Rubio's stand on abortion MARIA S. HOLDRIDGE 11-24-2015
fatima Lori Reaves 11-24-2015
abortion Randy Couch 11-09-2015
Does a complete human genetic content have an immortal soul. Biologist 11-09-2015
Re:healthcare Andrea 11-09-2015
Healthcare anon 11-04-2015
Immediate or successive ensoulments Biologist 11-04-2015
EMHC FrankV 11-04-2015
Re: Questions Paul 10-29-2015
More on EMHC Kevin 10-29-2015
What constitutes 'dead'? Linda 10-29-2015
When does personhood begin? Aristotle's Child 10-29-2015

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