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Asking a question Centering prayer Fred DeLay 05-27-2016
David the Prophet Richard 05-27-2016
prayer intentions for the months of Pope Francis Susan Kwarciany 05-27-2016
Dante's works Margaret 05-27-2016
Pentecost W.S. 05-27-2016
receiving communion 2x in one day at 2 masses marilyn barrett 05-27-2016
Request for St. John Paul 11's prayer to Holy Spirit Lorraine Buschelman 05-27-2016
GERERAL QUESTIONS mary waller 05-27-2016
if a charity supports areas you not agree with Joseph Apicella 05-15-2016
Does St. Jude Children's Hospital conduct embryonic stem cell research and/or use fetal tissue Dina Vassil 05-10-2016

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