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Salvation anne corcoran 05-27-2016
General question Maureen Hayes 05-27-2016
Holy Eucharist and Pre-Vatican II Teaching Mary 05-26-2016
Nickolaitan Sect of Christianity Linda Burdick 05-26-2016
Karma Brenda 05-24-2016
yoga Mary A Kearney 05-24-2016
Homosexual marriage & intimacy accepted by the Church? confused Eric C. 05-23-2016
Sunday Mass Dave 05-23-2016
indulgencec eliborio saenz 05-20-2016
Centering Prayer Don Kern 05-20-2016
12 apostles Kenneth Rodgers 05-19-2016
prayer MAAME YAA 05-18-2016
right or wrong Francisca 05-18-2016
time anon 05-17-2016
Re: Orthodox to Ordinariate? Joseph Kelley 05-17-2016
Marriage definition Anonymous 05-13-2016
children not raised catholic Blakerin 05-12-2016
First Resurrection Steve 05-12-2016
Marriage Galen D. K. 05-11-2016
confession Mae Jeanne Rescineto 05-11-2016
Reception of Holy Communion Wanda I. Rivera 05-06-2016
Indwelling of the Holy Spirit DLK 05-06-2016
reverent nature of mass anonymous 05-05-2016
FAITH MAAME YAA 05-05-2016
No. Carolina Law anon 05-03-2016
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