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Definition of sacrament Anne 10-23-2016
Definitive Hillary stance on Partial Birth Abortion JM 10-23-2016
embryonic stem cell research ACS Peggy M 10-23-2016
Election Frankv 10-23-2016
Bible anon 10-14-2016
Is ita sin??? Kevin 10-14-2016
Abortion and Rape Nello J. Prato 10-14-2016
Red Envelope campaign lroy 10-09-2016
Proposition 60 in California Anonymous 10-09-2016
Vaccine Against Pneumonia Joseph Apicella 10-04-2016
Gardasil Vaccine Brenda B. 10-04-2016
USA politics and the Catholic Church Mary 10-04-2016
Unborn babies Betsy 10-04-2016

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