Episode 1 - To See and Not See: Mystery in the Parables of Christ
Fr. Rutler explains the fact that Christ chose to speak in parables to his people so that they would obtain universal stories with untold levels of meaning, never exhausting the richness to be found therein but sharing the Gospel message for all times.
Episode 2 - The Sower and the Seed: Receptivity to God's Grace and Power
Fr. Rutler explains that parables like the Sower and the Seed are meant to impart knowledge of the mysteries of the kingdom of God, so that believers share in God's saving grace and power to live always for Him.
Episode 3 - Parable of the Tares in the Field of the Lord
Fr. Rutler explains the mystery of the harvest in God's plan for salvation, that he allows the weeds and wheat to grow together until the end, allowing for the best chance for all to be saved by his grace.
Episode 4 - The Mustard Seed: How the Church Grows
Fr. Rutler explains the parable of the mustard seed to show how the word of God grows organically in the lives of the faithful, producing in them much fruit, even the Church, the Body of Christ.
Episode 5 - Parable of the Yeast: Christ Raises Us Up
Fr. Rutler explains the parable of the yeast to describe Christ's action in causing the growth in the faith lives of believers. Not only does he elevate our level of understanding, he causes us to share in his very life of loving fellowship with God.
Episode 6 - The Hidden Treasure: The Church of Immeasurable Value
Fr. Rutler explains the parable of the treasure hidden in a field, declaring that the Church is so precious that one should prize it above all else, as the only essential thing in life, as it is the means for us to relate to Christ.
Episode 7 - Parable of the Net: The Church, the Hand of Christ in History
Fr. Rutler shares the parable of the net to show that the Church seeks to bring disciples into the fold as fishers of men, working in the manner of Christ, as is presence in the world.
Episode 8 - The Unforgiving Servant and the Repentant Peter
Fr. Rutler contrasts the parable of the unforgiving servant who took his master's unbelievable pardon for granted, with the example of the chief of the apostles, whose repentance strengthened the Church in its earliest and most vulnerable stages of development.
Episode 9 - The Laborers in the Vineyard: God Is Not Outdone in Generosity
Fr. Rutler recounts the parable of the laborers in the vineyard to show God's mercy in taking disciples at any stage of life or time in history, with the determinative factor being faithfulness rather than time in service.
Episode 10 - Parable of the Two Sons: The Value of Keeping Promises
Fr. Rutler depicts the parable of the two sons as instructive toward forming one's intentions into wholehearted service to God, thus living out the universal call to holiness. Christ's authority to act comes from God; likewise the worth of all our doings is reflected in how much what we do pleases God.
Episode 11 - The Wicked Tenants: One Life to Live for God
Fr. Rutler explains the parable of the wicked tenants as a metaphor for living the one life that we have for God, rather than ourselves, aiming for the achievement of his universal purposes rather than solely satisfying self-interest. Our lives will be judged on how we treated Christ among us in our neighbors.
Episode 12- Parable of the Wedding Feast: Invitation to the Kingdom of Heaven
Fr. Rutler shares the parable of the wedding feast to say that life is a preparation for heaven, so that one ought to live as to be worthy of entering God's kingdom by performing for him some definite service solely to please him, rather than any accomplishment of our own doing. Judging by God's standards rather than our own will determine if our wedding garment is appropriate for the King's wedding feast.