Episode 1 - Nature
The introduction discusses the growing awareness of environmental care around the world, usually without a reference to God, the Creator.
Episode 2 - Creation
Discusses about the mystery of God and the Blessed Trinity. Features an interview to Fr. Robert Spitzer.
Episode 3 - Man's Place
What is the place of man in the creation? What is his role? Features an interview with Gustavo Sanchez, Ph.D. – a Peruvian theologian
Episode 4 - Original Sin
Doctrine of original sin and the four ruptures it caused, the first one with God; the second one with ourself; the third one with others; and the fourth one with creation. Features interview with Fr. Horacio Bojorge (Argentina)
Episode 5 - Longing for Infinity
Deep inside the human heart there is a longing that only can be fulfilled by God. Features interview with Fr. Gonzalo Len (Peru)
Episode 6 - Reconciliation
The Mystery of Reconciliation brought by the Lord Jesus through his Incarnation, Passion, and Resurrection, heals the ruptures of original sin. Features an interview with theologian Miguel Salazar.
Episode 7 - Environmental Crisis
This episode traces the philosophical roots of today's environmental crisis. Features an interview with Proffesor Christopher Shannon Ph.D.
Episode 8 - Blessed John Paul II and Nature
Blessed John Paul II is a great reference of someone who honored nature's beauty, and care for a right stewardship over creation. Features Joe Evans, the park ranger who guided Pope John Paul II through his hike in Rocky Mountains, CO.
Episode 9 - Air and Climate Change
Explanation on a crucial issue this days, often misunderstood and manipulated. Features a hike in a melting glacial of the Andes Mountains and an interview with Proffesor Roger Pielke, well known scholar on this topic.
Episode 10 - Land and Sustainability
The episode discusses the Earth's sustainability and the myth of overpopulation. Features an interview to Catholic Professor Guruswamy.
Episode 11 - Water and Pollution
This episode discusses the water as a source of life and energy and our responsibility with this natural resource. It presents the story of Water Ecofilters from Guatemala, a catholic project whose purpose is to bring clean water to deprive populations. Features interview with catholic Proffesor Bernard Amadei.
Episode 12- Stewardship
This episode explains how to become good stewards of creation. Interview with Archbishop Charles Chaput.
Episode 13 - Creatio Missions
This episode shows a group of young volunteers who visit remote areas in south Peru and work with the villagers in order to implement a sustainable aqueduct and ecological latrines, while sharing their faith with them.