Episode 1 - The Journey of Faith
The Church teaches that God can be known with certainty from the created world by the natural light of human reason. Fr. Maurice Emelu explores the four stages of the development of man's faith and how we still set up barriers preventing us from growing closer to our Creator.
Episode 2 - The Example of Abraham
God gave Abraham a great test in asking him to sacrifice his son. Fr. Maurice Emelu explains how we are asked to give up our security as Abraham did and place all our trust in Him. In terms of God and Man, faith is a two way interaction – a dialogue.
Episode 3 - The Example of Mary
Christian faith engages the individual in a constant and committed assent of the revealed truth. Fr. Maurice Emelu shows how Mary unceasingly committed herself to God's plan, providing the example we should strive to follow.
Episode 4 - Faith and Doubt
We all struggle with doubt in our faith. Fr. Maurice Emelu shows how even great figure in the Bile struggled with doubt, yet were able to assent to the Divine will. With God's help, we too can follow His plan for us.
Episode 5 - The Triumph of Faith over Superstition
A weak faith opens itself to superstitious beliefs. Fr. Maurice Emelu explores the different types of superstition and shows how the can be detrimental to our happiness found only in God.
Episode 6 - False Beliefs You Must Reject
When one does not rely on the teaching of the Church to develop a properly formed conscience, they can from many false beliefs. Fr. Maurice Emelu looks at the 4 categories of false beliefs that can be harmful to our faith. He shows how to avoid the secular trap that we are in control; instead we must surrender control to God.
Episode 7 - Faith in Relation to Hope and Charity
Faith, hope and charity are deeply enmeshed in one another. Fr. Maurice Emelu shows how we cannot have true faith unless we develop the virtues of hope and charity. Faith is useless without hope and in charity we love our neighbor as our self.
Episode 8 - The God to Believe and Worship
Man has believed in a higher power as long as he has existed. Fr. Maurice Emelu looks at the attributes of the one true God, showing how God progressively revealed Himself to man though the ages. As this revelation has pressed we find ourselves able to address a caring and loving father, not some cold, impersonal force.
Episode 9 - Our Faithful Father
A person's love is measured by the nature of that person. Fr. Maurice Emelu shows that God's Fatherhood is Unfailing Love. He is ever faithful to us, even when we desert Him and decide to live apart from Him.
Episode 10 - The Provider (My Provider)
The secular world essentially teaches that all creation came from nothing, no divine Creator was involved. Fr. Maurice Emelu exposes the fallacy of that idea and shows how God can be seen in the world around us and takes a personal interest in our lives.
Episode 11 - You are a Disciple of Divine Providence
We are all called to be ambassadors for Christ. Fr. Maurice Emelu explains how God uses each of us to do His work. We are now the hands of Christ to help the poor and comfort the afflicted. Do our actions reflect the providence of God in allowing others to see Christ trough us?
Episode 12 - Made for His Glory
God created us as a free gift to us. Fr. Maurice Emelu shows how we are called to exalt God. We are totally dependent upon Him, and He is totally independent of us. We should value God as our highest and only treasure.
Episode 13 - My God is Almighty
God's power is universal, absolute and eternally integrated. Fr. Maurice Emelu shows that if we put our faith in the absolute power of God we have no need to fear anything because our personal weakness are not a barrier to God saving us.