Episode 1 - The Acts of the Apostles
Lay missionary and educator Frances Hogan of Ireland shares that the apostles carry on the work entrusted to them by Jesus to shepherd the Church he established. The work of salvation belongs to the Lord, and the apostles' strength is in affirming their identity in Christ. The branches can do nothing apart from the true vine which is Jesus. Connected to him, all things are possible, including the Church's lasting through time.
Episode 2 - Acts 1 and 2: Ascension of Jesus and Descent of the Spirit
Scripture scholar Frances Hogan shares that the apostles witness the final disappearance of Jesus, only to realize that God is everywhere. In order to live like him and follow him into the hereafter, they come to understand that prayer is the key, essential for the Church's survival. Aiding them in their prayer is the Holy Spirit, who teaches them to pray, giving utterance to their deepest needs. "Not by might and not by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord."
Episode 3 - Acts 2 and 3: One Community of Believers
Frances Hogan declares that the unity of the Church is the work of the Holy Spirit. When men seek to do their own wills instead of God's will, the devil separates and divides. "Seeking first his kingdom and his righteousness, all things are given" unto the Church. The Lord desires that the Church be one as God is one.
Episode 4 - Acts 4: Peter and John before the Sanhedrin
Frances Hogan relates that Peter and John are called into court "for a good deed done to a cripple," noting that if a healing is considered an offense against society, then that society is unstable. The apostles declare that they must "obey God rather than men," that the freedom of religion comes first and before the rights of the state, especially when an unjust law is being levied upon them. God's kingdom flourishes because it is based on his principles. To the extent that a society obeys God's laws, is it blessed and truly prosperous.
Episode 5 - Acts 5 and 6: The Number of Disciples Multiplies
Frances Hogan shares that the miracles of faith and healing accomplished at the hands of the apostles moves the masses to accept the message of redemption through the forgiveness of Christ and indwelling of the Holy Spirit.
Episode 6 - Acts 8 and 9: The Church Spreads Throughout the World
Frances Hogan relates that the Church expands not only regionally to the Jews, but also to the gentiles, all the nations who had not heard of Jesus but accepted him and received the same blessings intended for the Jews through the coming of the Messiah. In God's becoming man, Christ universally calls all to holiness and salvation.
Episode 7 - Acts 9: The Conversion of St Paul
Frances Hogan expounds on the radical transformation of Saul, persecutor of the Church authorized to arrest and bring into custody anyone believing in Jesus. Unknowingly he is in for a headlong collision with Christ, who sees qualities in Saul that he can use: incredible zeal and intelligence which will henceforth stop at nothing to spread his Gospel. The Apostle Paul ends up contributing 44% of the Bible's New Testament.
Episode 8 - Acts 10-12: Peter Opens the Door to the Gentiles
Frances Hogan relates that St. Peter is shown that the gentiles are likewise children of God, worth the price of Jesus' blood, intended for salvation. A vision convinces Peter that "what God declares clean, man is not to call unclean." So the law is not to have the final word, but that grace is to perfect man's nature. Instead of merely adhering to dietary regulations, the nations are instructed to abstain from immortality and idolatry in order to worship the one true God.