Episode 1 -
Bl. Mother Teresa lived her faith every day of her life. Susan Conroy demonstrates the depth of Mother Teresa's faith that led her to devote her life to the poorest of the poor, according each the dignity they deserved as a child of God.
Episode 2 -
The streets of Calcutta contain a class of people called Untouchables, ignored by the rest of society. Susan Conroy shows how Mother Teresa's deep love for God and others allowed her to fully embrace the Untouchables, seeing Christ in everyone she encountered.
Episode 3 -
Mother Teresa met with kings and presidents, received extraordinary interest from the press and drew crowds wherever she went. Susan Conroy shares how this world-famous woman, despite all the attention she garnered on the world stage, was the embodiment of humility. Mother recognized that all her work was in reality God's work.
Episode 4 -
All of us suffer in some form during our life. What we do with that suffering determines its value. Susan Conroy shows how Bl. Mother Teresa recognized suffering was a gift from God, to be endured patiently and offered back to God, trusting in His love and mercy.
Episode 5 -
We are all called to be saints. Susan Conroy shows how we can achieved this goal by following the example of Bl. Mother Teresa who loudly proclaimed by word and example that Holiness is not the luxury of the few but the duty of all.
Episode 6 -
Prayer in Our Everyday Life, Part 1
Each day we receive many blessings and trials from the Lord. Susan Conroy shows how Bl. Mother Teresa of Calcutta and the saints would view these as calls to prayer. We should strive to make every part of our lives a prayer offered up to God.
Episode 7 -
Prayer in Our Everyday Life, Part 2
Although we may pray on a daily basis, many of us ignore the quality of our prayer. It has been said that the sweetest prayer is a grateful heart. Susan Conroy explains how we need to approach our prayer life with gratitude for the many gifts God has bestowed upon us and talk to God like we are talking with our best friend.
Episode 8 -
Our Lady, Part 1
As Catholics, we believe that the Blessed Virgin has been crowned as Queen of Heaven and Earth. Susan Conroy shows how many of the saints approached instead as a mother. Mary is indeed our mother, wanting all the best for us until we are brought safely home to heaven.
Episode 9 -
Our Lady, Part 2
Many saints had a strong devotion to the Blessed Virgin. Susan Conroy explains how Christ wants to establish devotion to His mother and Her Immaculate Heart. She provides the help and inspiration for us to overcome the trials in our daily lives.
Episode 10 -
The Most Holy Eucharist, Part 1
The Holy Eucharist is the heart of our Catholic faith, the source and summit of our spiritual life. Susan Conroy shows that Christ gave us the Eucharist out of His deep love for us. We need to realize its power and give to the Eucharist the deep love, respect and adoration due to our savior, Jesus Christ.
Episode 11 -
The Most Holy Eucharist, Part 2
When we receive the Eucharist, we have our own private and personal audience with Jesus Christ. Susan Conroy demonstrates that the Eucharist fills us with every grace and blessing possible if we receive worthily. The saints new the power of the Eucharist and that same power is there for us.
Episode 12 -
Heaven! Part 1
To attain heaven, we must become holy as Christ is holy, for it is only in this state that we can stand before God. Susan Conroy explains there are many ways to attain holiness. The important concept to remember on our path to holiness is to let God into our lives for it is only through Him that we can attain eternal life.
Episode 13 -
Heaven! Part 2
Heaven is our destiny. We were made to live with God forever but we must choose to do so. Susan Conroy explains that our everyday lives determine where we will spend eternity. We need to fill our lives with things that help us to heaven, not hinder our advancement, and remember that those already in heaven, including our Lady, are there to help us reach our eternal reward.