Episode 1 - A Carrier of God's Love
After a brief introduction of his background, Fr. Maasburg shares memories of how he first came to meet Mother Teresa and became a part of her global ministry.
Episode 2 - I thirst.
Fr. Maasburg discusses the various kinds of poverty tackled by Mother Teresa, as well as her concept of the meaning of suffering and the redemptive power contained therein.
Episode 3 - In the eyes of God we are all lepers
. Maasburg discusses the background of Mother Teresa herself, her efforts to champion of the lepers, and her special devotion to the Miraculous Medal.
Episode 4 - All for Jesus through Mary
Fr. Maasburg discusses Mother Teresa's concern for those subjected to communism. He also discusses his initial venture to Moscow to help consecrate Russia to fulfill the Fatima request of Our Lady.
Episode 5 - It is our vocation to be children of God
Fr. Maasburg shares about his journeys to various communist countries with Mother Teresa, along with his spiritual insights gained from those trips.
Episode 6 - Now you have become a missionary.
Fr. Maasburg further discusses his hands-on experiences with the Missionaries of Charity in their relief efforts after the Armenian earthquake, and discusses the Soviet disrespect for life which they encountered.