Episode 1 - St. Mark 1: The Cure of the Leper
Bible scholar Frances Hogan relates that, in variance with the Jewish law at the time, Jesus touches and heals the leper, showing how Christ takes our suffering upon himself, witnessed ultimately by his death on the cross for our salvation.
Episode 2 - St. Mark 1: The Cure of the Paralytic
Frances Hogan lends penetrating insight into the healing of the paralytic as revelatory of Jesus as God, who has the power to forgive sins and heal the lame. Christ looks for the faithful disposition as requisite for the bestowal of a miraculous favor.
Episode 3 - St. Mark 4: Jesus Calms the Storm
Frances Hogan points to the inner disposition of the apostles in the boat, tossed about by the storm and waves, as being of little faith, leading to doubt and fear. In contrast, Jesus shows himself sure of who he is in relationship to his Father. Jesus wants his disciples to trust in him and believe in order to weather the storms of live and triumph eternally.
Episode 4 - St. Mark 5: Mystery of the Gerasene Demoniac
Frances Hogan shares the woeful reality of evil contained in a man, which caused him to live among the tombs isolated from his fellow man and forceful enough to send a herd of pigs over a cliff. Once freed by Jesus, the man is clothed and in his right mind. Jesus brings freedom and peace to those who will believe in him.
Episode 5 - St. Mark 5: Curing the Woman with a Hemorrhage and Raising Jairus' Daughter
Frances Hogan shares that the remarkable faith of a woman suffering for many years with a hemorrhage causes her to trustfully reach out to Jesus for healing. Likewise, the Synagogue official Jairus begs Jesus to come to his house to restore his cherished daughter, instinctively knowing Jesus can do all things when asked in faith.
Episode 6 - St. Mark 6 and 8: The Two Miracles of the Loaves
Frances Hogan relates that Jesus reaches out to both the Jews and the Gentiles in twin stories of miraculous multiplication of the loaves and fishes, trying to stimulate their hearts to believe in him as God. If the faithful understand the meaning of these miracles, they he cares for and satisfies everyone completely, they will have no cause to doubt him in anything else he does for their good.
Episode 7 - St. Mark 10: The Healing of Blind Bartimaeus
Frances Hogan expounds on the healing of the blind man Bartimaeus as proof that God desires to give the fullness of life to all who would believe in him. He wants to make the thirsty and hungry satiated with his grace, if they will only look to him as the source of their contentment and beatitude.
Episode 8 - St. Mark 6: Jesus Walking on the Water
Frances Hogan relates that Jesus lives in prayerful communion with his Father, an unbreakable relationship that carries him through life among humanity. The apostles learn the level of trust Jesus expects in his followers. They are humanly incapable of reaching this goal on their own until they receive his Spirit at Pentecost and receive him continually in Holy Communion. Then they learn not to falter when faced with trials of faith on stormy seas of life.