Episode 1 - The Discernment of Spirits: The Teaching of St. Ignatius of Loyola
Fr. Timothy Gallagher begins this retreat on the 14 rules of St. Ignatius of Loyola by introducing us to St. Ignatius. Fr. Gallagher shows how the great saint converted from a life steeped in the secular culture of the time to one of deep love for our Creator. The priest also shows how we can discern whether events in our own lives are of God or the Enemy and how the choices we make can affect our immortal souls.
Episode 2 - The Enemy Hinders Those Seeking God: The Path of St. Augustine
Just as God tries to draw us near, Satan tries to pull us from God.  Fr. Timothy Gallagher explains the 14 rules of St. Ignatius using the example of St. Augustine. He shows how we can easily fall into sin and have the inclination then to stay there instead of repenting and following God’s path for us.
Episode 3 - Spiritual Consolation and Desolation: The Third and Fourth Rules of St. Ignatius of Loyola
Fr. Timothy Gallagher shows us how the Good Spirit uses spiritual consolation to help us rise closer to the Creator. These consolations range from a simple hug from a child, smile from a co-worker or a full infusion of grace showing God's actions in our lives. However, we may also feel periods of loneliness, but with God's grace this to can be overcome.
Episode 4 - Spiritual Desolation: The Pull Towards Low and Earthly Things
Spiritual desolation is employed by the enemy to bring us down and draw us away from God. Fr. Timothy Gallagher shows that if we learn to live the discerning life, we can recognize the source of spiritual desolation and reject it, thus using it to enrich instead of harm our spiritual health.
Episode 5 - How Do We Handle Spiritual Desolation: Rejecting Downward Movement
We all experience times where we feel abandoned by God. Fr. Timothy Gallagher reminds us that God never leaves us, and we can combat spiritual desolation through prayer, meditation, and acts of penance.
Episode 6 - Spiritual Desolation: Why God Allows Hardships
The question is often asked "Why would a good and loving God allow us to suffer spiritual desolation?" Fr. Timothy Gallagher uses the teachings of St. Ignatius to show that because God is a good and loving God is the precise reason why we undergo desolation.
Episode 7 - Growing in Times of Desolation: Consolation from Desolation
God may seem far from us in times of desolation. Fr. Timothy Gallagher shows us why God is closer than ever during these times and how we can actually prepare for times of desolation when we are in consolation, reducing the hardship of the desolation and instead making it a learning experience.
Episode 8 - Moving Beyond Desolation: Fighting Temptation
Temptations abound when we are in times of desolation. Fr. Timothy Gallagher shows that we are always faced with temptations and the best way to resist is to stay close to God who will provide the strength to overcome all temptations.
Episode 9 - Breaking the Spiritual Silence: Speaking with the Proper Spiritual Person
We give in to temptation many times by holding it interiorly and fabricating accompanying scenarios for the temptation. Fr. Timothy Gallagher uses Ignatian Spirituality to show how if we share our concerns with a competent person, we realize our concerns are often not real, giving us the ammunition we need to fight the enemy.
Episode 10 - The Journey's End: Concluding Our Ignatian Retreat
Retreats offer us time to renew and refresh our spirituality. Fr. Timothy Gallagher concludes the Ignatian retreat by summing up the saint's 14 rules and answering participants questions.