Episode 1 - Catholics and Divorce
Rose Sweet joins Dr. Ray as they discuss issues of divorce being forced upon a Catholic married partner, about step-children and issues that poses in a marriage.
Episode 2 - Psychiatry and God
Dr. Ray welcomes psychiatrist Dr. Lee Reynolds, who examines how psychiatry relates to our Faith.
Episode 3 - Mother of 21 Children
Rose Malavolti, mother of 21, meets with Dr. Ray to discuss a number of issues associated with raising children.
Episode 4 - Media and the Catholic Family
Dr. Ray welcomes Ava Maria Radio host Al Kresta, as they discuss media and the Catholic family.
Episode 5 - Girls v. Boys
Dr. Ray welcomes his guest Nikaeda Griffie, an adoption specialist, as they cover several issues regarding children, including ADHD, spanking, and more.
Episode 6 - Fatherhood
Dr. Ray talks with Dr. Stan Williams, on the topic of how to put values-oriented themes into books, TV programs and other media.
Episode 7 - Aging Parents
Marcus Grodi joins host Dr. Ray Guarendi, as they talk about when our parents age, and the responsibilities we have in their lives.
Episode 8 - Catholic Higher Education
President of Walsh University, Richard Jusseaume, talks with Dr. Ray about the importance of integrating authentic Catholicism into every aspect of the university experience.
Episode 9 - Good Parenting
Dr. Ray welcomes Rose Malavolti, mother of 21 children, for a lively dialogue on the keys to good parenting, and the joys and challenges that come with adopting children from a variety of ethnic origins and cultures.
Episode 10 - Child Rearing Issues
Guest Dale Ahlquist talks with Dr. Ray on the subject of a true classical Catholic education for your children.
Episode 11 - Child Development
Dr. Ray engages the live studio audience in a great discussion about child rearing mistakes, and welcomes back Rose Malavolti as his guest.
Episode 12 - Traditional or Redefined Family
Dr. Ray talks about family issues with Philip Keller, known on radio as "Trapper Jack."
Episode 13 - My Consciene
Dr. Ray welcomes his guests, Al Kresta and Nick Thomm, authors of Moments of Grace.