Episode 9 - Cardio
Pyramid Training Exercises

Grab your running shoes and a little space.  “Cardio Pyramid” routines are an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular system, as well as, build your overall core strength in the areas your body uses most.  (Arms, shoulders, legs, hips)


Pyramid Workout #1 - Beginner 

  1. Find a 20 meter space to jog. The best place would be to measure out 20 meters using pylons in your yard, a gymnasium, beach, a park or field, etc.
  2. Within the beginner pyramid, you will be doing 2 different exercise movements. Push Ups and Sit Ups.
  3. The goal is to stack the repetitions of each push up and sit up as you jog back and forth on your marked out 20m space.


Starting: (In this pyramid you will stack each exercise to 5 reps by jogging back and forth off the line you marked out)

  • Begin on the start line.
  • Jog to the end of the line (20m) and do 1 push up.
  • Jog back to the start line and do 2 push ups. Jog back and do 3 push ups, then 4, then 5.
  • Repeat jogging back and forth until you have stacked 5 push ups in total.
  • Once you have completed all 5 push ups, you will immediately continue with your 1st sit up, then 2nd, then 3rd and so on.
  • Continue until you stack your 5 sit ups jogging back and forth in your 20m space.
  • Once you have completed your stack of 5 for the push ups and sit ups, you will continue the pyramid by jogging a total of 5 lengths of the 20m space. You should end where you began on the line. You have now completed one full pyramid. 

Pyramid Workout #2 - Intermediate

Same system as above except we are going to increase our repetitions to 10 instead of 5.
We also will add one more exercise to the intermediate pyramid - “Jumping Jacks”
So now we are stacking 3 different exercises - Push ups / Sit Ups / Jumping Jacks.

Pyramid Workout #3 - Advanced 

With the advanced pyramid workout out, our “Jog” now becomes a “Sprint” from the start line to each exercise.

  • We still keep the 20m distance
  • Our reps per exercise stays at 10
  • We will also add one more exercise to our pyramid - Squats


So now we are stacking 5 exercises Push ups / Sit ups / Jumping Jacks / Squats

Finding time to do at least 1-3 pyramids a day would be a great way to keep you physically healthy and strong. Over time, you can tweak your pyramid to the level that you wish, go faster, add more exercises, reps, etc. Have Fun!