Episode 1 - Christology
Who exactly was Jesus Christ? Msgr. Stuart Swetland and his guests tackle the questions of college students that explore the Church’s teachings about Christ and how we can look to Him for guidance in our lives.
Episode 2 - Prayer
Prayer is essential to a healthy spiritual life, but how should we pray? Is one type of prayer best? What should we do about distractions? Msgr. Stuart Swetland and his guests address the concerns of students from Mount St. Mary’s University and the U.S. Naval Academy as they strive to make prayer a part of their daily life.
Episode 3 - The Eucharist and Getting the Most from the Mass
God showers many graces on us through the Eucharist. Msgr. Stuart Swetland and his guests answer students’ questions about the nature of the Eucharist and how we can prepare ourselves to celebrate the sacrament fully.
Episode 4 - Sacred Scripture and Personal Meditation
Did Jesus do all the things attributed Him in the Bible? Is the Bible truly inspired by God? Msgr. Stuart Swetland and his guests answer these and other important questions students have about Sacred Scripture.
Episode 5 - Discernment
Everyone has a vocation, whether it is to the single or married life, or a religious calling. Msgr. Stuart Swetland and his guests explain that God has a specific plan for each person and how we can properly discern God’s calling for our life.
Episode 6 - Chastity and the Single Life
In the secular world, chastity is a foreign concept that is largely ignored. Msgr. Stuart Swetland and his guests answer the questions of students on why the Church’s message is important and how one can remain chaste amidst the temptations of everyday life.
Episode 7 - Marriage
Today marriage is being attacked on all fronts, in the courts, in the media and by government. Msgr. Stuart Swetland and his guests discuss how we can look to God for guidance as we select our mate, encounter and overcome the inevitable hurdles in marriage and pass our faith on to our children.
Episode 8 - Sobriety and the Natural Virtues
For many students, entering college introduces them to newfound freedoms as they experience their first time living away from home. They are also introduced to the risks of alcohol abuse, drug use and other vices. Msgr. Stuart Swetland and his guests explain how a strong faith can help in resisting temptation and overcome our vices.
Episode 9 - Excellence and Work
We were condemned to toil all our lives as a result of the fall of Adam and Eve. However, Msgr. Stuart Swetland and his guests explain the difference between toil and work, and why God calls us to be ambitious and always perform our work to the best of our ability.
Episode 10 - Medical Ethics and Life Issues
The medical field has advanced tremendously, capable of things now that were unheard of a few short years ago. Msgr. Stuart Swetland and his guests caution that not all medical advances are in line in Church teaching and why we are called to respect all human life from conception to natural death.
Episode 11 - War and Peace
If Christ instructs us to turn the other cheek, how can someone enlist in the armed services? Msgr. Stuart Swetland and his guests show how it is possible for someone to serve their country honorably while still providing witness to their Catholic faith.
Episode 12 - Social Teaching
God provides for all his people. Msgr. Stuart Swetland and his guests show why we must be responsible stewards of the resources entrusted to us to ensure all are able to share in the gifts of God.
Episode 13 - Politics
We are all affected by the world of politics whether we are active participants or not. Msgr. Stuart Swetland and his guest outline the roles of the faithful Catholic in the political world and answer students’ questions on voting and topics of governmental concern.