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Father Leo Clifford reflects on a variety of aspects of the Catholic Church.

Father Leo Clifford reflects on a variety of aspects of the Catholic Church.

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Episode 1 - What Catholic Women Think
Our hosts discuss what it means to be a well-catechized Catholic.

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Episode 2 - Think Vocation, Vocation, and Vocation
Our hosts take a look vocations and give tips for discernment.

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Episode 3 - The Power of One
Our hosts discuss inspirational women in the Church and the impact you can have on the Church and the world.

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Episode 4 - Women Speak for Themselves
Our hosts show us that the government doesn't speak for Catholic women regarding religious freedom.

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Episode 5 - Making the Switch From Contraception to NFP
Our hosts discuss the beauty of the Church's teaching on contraception and the way NFP can improve marriages.
Episode 6 - Catholic and Divorced: Where Do I Fit In? Annulments, healing, support
Our hosts discuss annulments, healing and support for divorced Catholics.
Episode 7 - Year of Faith: What women have been doing during this Year of Faith. What the new Pope did.
Our hosts discuss what women have been doing during the Year of Faith.
Episode 8 - Body Image Blues
Our hosts discuss how to be in the world not of the world when it comes to our appearance.
Episode 9 - Hispanic Women, Catechisis and the Church
Our hosts discuss the faith of Hispanic women and the urgent need for catechesis.
Episode 10 - BIBLE - Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth
Our hosts discuss Catholic scripture studies.
Episode 11 - Good Morning God: Prayer for today's busy women.
Our hosts discuss prayer for today's busy women.
Episode 12- Grey is the Devil's Favorite Color
Our hosts discuss purity, pornography, and the book "50 Shades of Gray."
Episode 13- Spiritual Direction
Our hosts discuss the importance of spiritual direction in order to navigate our spiritual life.