Light of the East II

Ep.1 Byzantine Eastern Spirituality
Ep.2 Spirituality and Pilgrimage
Ep.3 Liturgical Life
Ep.4 Divine Liturgy
Ep.5 Byzantine Ruthenian Chant
Ep.6 Byzantine Plain Chant


Light of the East I:

1. The "other lung" of the Catholic Church
2. The Four Major Patriarchates
3. Orientale Lumen
4. The Church of Alexandria
5. The Syrian-Antiochian Churches
6. The Armenian and Byzantine Churches
7. The Byzantine Church in America
8. Byzantine Feast Days Part I (Icons)
9. Byzantine Feast Days Part II (Icons)
10. Byzantine Feast Days Part III (Icons)
11. The Byzantine Catholic Divine Liturgy
12. Byzantine Catholic Vestments and the Divine Liturgy
13. Byzantine Catholic Major Feast Days: Pasca
14. The Sacramental Life in the Byzantine Catholic Church Baptism, Chrismation, Holy Eucharist, Reconciliation
15. The Sacramental Life in the Byzantine Catholic Church Crowning, Holy Orders
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