First Comes LoveScott Hahn

Scott Hahn and Mike Aquilina compare the human family to the Divine family, namely, the Trinity. 

Episodes Include:

The Oldest Story In The World - What does it mean to be made in the image and likeness of God? Dr. Scott Hahn brings fresh insight to this age-old question.

Adam's Family Values -  The reality of family is often taken for granted. Dr. Scott Hahn discusses various visions of the family, warning that a loss of the religious vision, leads to a disintegration of the society at large.

He Said He Wants A Revolution -  The idea of God as Father is a revolutionary one. Dr. Scott Hahn shows how Jesus turned the world upside down by revealing the Father.

The Eternal Family Of God -  The Trinity is often an intimidating subject to think about. Dr. Scott Hahn makes it easy, showing how the family mirrors the inner life of the Trinity.

The God Who Is Covenant - What is the New Covenant? Join Dr. Scott Hahn, as he illuminates this amazing reality—showing how it ushers us into the life of God.

Splitting The Adam -  Ever wonder, why Adam sinned? Join Dr. Scott Hahn, as he offers some intriguing reasons for the original fall from grace.

The Upward Fall -  By dying on the Cross-, Jesus gained more for the human race than Adam ever lost. Dr. Scott Hahn illuminates the infinite riches Christ won for us on Calvary.

The Church As Home -  How often do we see the Church as our true home? Dr. Scott Hahn points out, that Jesus shed his blood to bring all peoples into a united family.

Rock-Solid Assurance -  How do we know we are God’s beloved children? Dr. Scott Hahn shows how the Church bears witness to our filial relationship with God.

The Family Spirit -  What is the Holy Spirit’s relationship to the Church? In this episode, Dr. Scott Hahn points out some aspects of this mystery.

Approaches To The Trinity -  Does the Trinity make any practical difference in our lives? Dr. Scott Hahn shows how understanding the Trinity helps us to love.

The Sacred Hearth -  The family points to eternity, it is a sacred school of love. Join Dr. Scott Hahn as he illuminates God’s plan for this sacred institution.

All In The Family -  Everyone is invited to be in God’s family. Dr. Scott Hahn discusses the Catholic vision of the universal family.

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