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1. Peter Was Not The First Pope?
2. St. Peter Wasn't The Rock In The New Testament?
3. Jesus Rebuked Peter - How Could He Be Pope?
4. The Apostloic Succession
5. Peter Never Went To Rome?
6. Is The Pope The Anti-Christ?
7. Until The Middle Ages There Was No Pope?
8. The Popes and The Heresy of Arianism
9. The Difference Between Infallible And Impeccable
10. Popes Who Led Immoral Lives
11. The Popes And The Spanish Inquisition
12. The Punishment Of Galileo
13. The Myth Of Pope Joan
14. Bishop Strossmyer Opposed Papal Infallibility?
15. Pope Pius XII And The Jews
16. Myths And Misconceptions About The Papacy

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