1. God’s House -   Fr. Rutler declares the rightness in church architecture reflecting God’s glory: “on earth as it is in heaven”

2.  Healing the Paralytic -  Fr. Rutler declares that, though Christ gives signs of his mercy in the gift of healing, the chief work of the Redeemer is the forgiveness of sins.

3. Wisemen -  In terms of spiritual light and darkness, Fr. Rutler describes the search for God through religion, and in particular, the Wisemen's search for Christ.

4. The Voice of Christ -  Fr. Rutler describes how the revelation of Christ turns the world on its head, causing humanity to either accept or reject him as the definitive way of Redemption.

5. The Parable of the Wedding - Fr. Rutler describes Christ's call to discipleship as an invitation to an eternal wedding banquet.

6. Abide With Me -  Fr. Rutler relates that human fulfillment depends on our turning to Christ and abiding with Him, fully living the Christian life.

7. Presentation in the Temple -  Fr. Rutler describes how the encounter of Simeon and Anna with Christ in the Temple revealed more of Jesus' nature as the Messiah.

8. The Better Angels of Our Nature -  Fr. Rutler relates that we can either choose to follow the better or the bad angels of our nature, therefore affecting the person we become.

9. Padre Pio - Fr. Rutler shares how Padre Pio is a shining example of what we can become if we respond to the graces God gives us daily.

10. Thomas More - Fr. Rutler relates how Thomas More is a reminder to the universal call to holiness amidst family and political life to remain true to God by following the dictates of conscience.


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