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Theater of the Word
with  Kevin O’Brien

The actors of Theater of the Word Incorporated bring to life a host of powerful biblical and religious themed stories, from the Passion Narrative to the life of John Paul II, and much more.

An overview of the episodes of the series, featuring previews and interviews with actors and celebrities.

The Journey of St. Paul
Shipwrecks, stonings, miracles and more! Journey with St. Paul from conversion to martyrdom.

Jeremy Stanbary stars in this gripping tale of the man who murdered Maria Goretti and his miraculous conversion.

Morning Star Players
Two powerful one-act plays on pro-life and chastity issues.

King David
Meet Goliath, Bathsheba, Saul and more in this action packed one-man play starring Kevin O'Brien.

The Gospel According to Mark
Richard Garey presents a one-man show on Our Lord's ministry, taken directly from Scripture.

The Passion Narrative
The story of Jesus' passion, death and resurrection, as culled from the four Gospels and performed by Kevin O'Brien.

The Honor of Israel Gow
Join the priest detective Father Brown as he journeys to a creepy Scottish castle where he attempts to discover ... who dunnit?

Old Thunder – An Evening with Hilaire Belloc
Kevin O'Brien brings to life this powerful and bold Catholic writer in an unforgettable one-man show.

Lolek, Part 1
Jeremy Stanbary presents the life of Carol Wojtyla, the man who would become Pope John Paul II, in this powerful one-man performance.

Lolek, Part 2
Jeremy Stanbary's story of the young John Paul II continues.

A Morning Star Christmas
Several one-acts in the Christmas spirit presented by the Morning Star Players and other actors from the Theater of the Word.

At the (EWTN Made-for-TV) Movies
Join Kevin O'Brien and Dale Ahlquist as they watch "The Surprise" by G. K. Chesterton ... and find out who the Giant Chicken really is!

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