Made in His Image:
Family Life Today

Dynamic evangelist Deacon Harold Burke-Sivers explores the meaning of family life from a Catholic perspective.


1 -The State of Christian Family Life Today
This episode will give an overview of the entire series by introducing the following concepts: the cultural battle over the definition of the family, the challenges of living in a secular society, and the importance of fostering a culture of life within the family

2- Made in His Image and Likeness
This episode will explore the intimacy between sacramental marriage and the Holy Trinity, as reflected in the covenant union of husbands, wives, and their children in response to God’s invitation to love and life

3 - The Knowledge of Good and Evil
This episode will examine the effects of Original Sin, how sin has damaged the marriage covenant, and how God will use the family to restore Man’s relationship with Him.

4 - The Domestic Church
This episode will examine the sacramental dimensions of family life as seen in the sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation, and Reconciliation, which act as the bridge between the sacredness of family life and the brokenness of the culture. We will discover how key moments of family life are sacramental opportunities for grace to work, and how the sacraments are lived out in the four-fold call of families: to form a communion of persons, to serve life, to serve society, and to form the domestic church.

5 - The Role of Mothers and Fathers
This episode will explore the meaning and role of motherhood and fatherhood in the family through the examples of the Blessed Virgin Mary and Saint Joseph.

6 - The Role of the Extended Family and Communities
This episode will explore the meaning and role of the extended family, the challenge of de facto unions, societies obligation and responsibility to safeguard natural marriage, and lessons learned from the Holy Family.

7 - Nurturing Life in a Culture of Death
This episode will examine the challenges faced by families living in a morally relativistic culture that rejects Catholic teaching and actively works to undermine their faith. Given these facts, what are the key elements to promoting holy, faith-filled families in the current cultural environment?

8 - Challenges to Family Life – Part One: Love vs. Use
This episode will examine the culture's disordered, self-centered view of sexuality that hinders and undermines authentic family life, and how the theology of the body helps families recognize that they are temples of the Holy Spirit. Specific issues will include contraception, pornography, and the true meaning of “safe” sex (i.e. protection from the evil of lust and sin).

9 - Challenges to Family Life – Part Two: Liturgy and Family
This episode will examine how all work flows from a family's primary work: Liturgy. When families understand and appreciate the fact that the workweek begins at Mass on Sunday, then the balance between family life, the secular occupation, and the intrinsic value of rest and recreation will be readily achieved.

10 - Challenges to Family Life, Part Three: Medical Ethics
This episode will explore systemic problems raised by the advancement of medical technologies that confront and challenge families. How can Catholic families be the catalyst of change to overcome a growing culture of death?

11 - Challenges to Family Life – Part 4: Crisis of Faith
This episode will examine several major challenges faced by families today. Specific issues to be covered include suffering and death, infidelity and divorce, and family members who have left the Church.

12 - Building a Civilization of Love
This episode will give practical recommendations that will foster and encourage better family communication, and a deeper, richer family spirituality, all while cultivating the personal spiritual life of each family member. The reciprocal relationship of parents educating their children in the faith and children evangelizing their parents will also be explored. Two family apostolates will be highlighted: the Pilgrim Center of Hope and St. Joseph’s Center for the Domestic Church.

 13 - Epilogue: The True Meaning of Family
This show will summarize all of the major themes and key ideas presented interspersed with personal testimony. Particularly emphasized will be: the Trinity and the Eucharistic heart of the family, the family as a sacramental reality--lived in and through the Church-- that purifies, challenges and redeems us, and the pursuit of holiness within families as the response to become more of who we are called to be, made in His image and likeness.

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