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St. Josemaria Escriva and Opus Dei   with Damon Owens

Saint Josemaria Escriva ardently desired to open people to God’s presence in every aspect of their daily lives. In this exciting new series, Damon Owen and John Coverdale explore the life, mission, and apostolate (Opus Dei) of this great modern saint.

1. Meet the The Saint of Ordinary Life
An introduction to Saint Josemaria and Opus Dei’s message of finding God in everyday life.

2. Loving God and loving God’s world: The personality of Saint Josemaria
A man and a woman who knew Saint Josemaria personally talk about what he was like.
Guests: Maria Valdeavellano

3. The founding of Opus Dei
God prepares the young Josemaria to open a new path of holiness within the Catholic Church

4. Opus Dei in the Crucible of the Spanish Civil War
Saint Josemaria continues the work of Opus Dei despite the murderous anti-Catholic persecutions of the Spanish Civil War

5. Sowing the Seed throughout the World
Under Saint Josemaria’s direction, Opus Dei grows from a handful of followers in Spain to a major international institution of the Catholic Church.
Guests: William Bickford, an early member from Guatemala
Olga Marlin, co-founder of Kianda School in Kenya, the first multi-racial girls' school in East Africa.

6. Opus Dei in the Church
When Opus Dei started in 1928, it didn’t fit into existing Church law. Learn why and how Opus Dei became the Catholic Church’s first “personal prelature."
Guests: Monsignor William Stetson, translator of the book, “The Canonical Path of Opus Dei.”
Archbishop John J. Myers of Newark

7. Finding God in daily life
Three people --¬ a New York City police captain, a trial lawyer, and a manager at an international auction house -- ¬ explain how their work and everyday activities can lead them closer to God.
Guests: Terry Hursen, a captain in the New York Police Department
Greg Noble, a trial lawyer in New Jersey
Elizabeth Heil, a manager of an appraisal unit for an international auction house

8. The vocation of women in Opus Dei and the Church
Three women of different backgrounds explain how Opus Dei helps them live their vocation as women and Christians.
Linda Ruff is a CPA, the mother of six, and the author of a book about women in Opus Dei.
Bernie Piske is part of the housekeeping staff at Opus Dei's national offices in New York.
Paticia Anderson is one of Opus Dei’s senior directors in the United States.

9. Marriage: A True Path to Holiness
Opus Dei’s founder insisted that, by loving one another, married couples grow in their love for God. Two married couples explain how they try to make married love a path to intimacy with Christ.
Guests Pat and Elena Kilner
Thomas and Cecilia Royals

10. Spreading the Message of Opus Dei
Opus Dei offers classes, retreats other activities. But the main way Opus Dei reaches people is through personal contact: individual members sharing their faith with family, co-workers and friends.
Guests: Pat Kilner, a contractor in Washington, DC
Virginia Hughes, a lawyer in private practice in New Jersey
Natalie Jakucyn, a Mathematics teacher in a public school in suburban Chicago

11. Opus Dei in the United States
Opus Dei has 3,000 U.S. members, and many more people participating in activities. This segment features interviews with the U.S. vicar and with the heads of Opus Dei-inspired educational initiatives.
Monsignor Thomas G. Bohlin, Vicar for Opus Dei in the United States
Michael Barvick, executive director, Youth Leadership Foundation, Washington, DC
Susan Mangels, president, Lexington College, Chicago

12. Opus Dei around the World Today
Since 1928, Opus Dei has grown to more than 60 countries. There are universities, business schools and hospitals. This segment looks some fruits of Saint Josemaria’s message around the world today.
Guests: Dr. Joseph Masdeu, Director, Chairman of Neurological Sciences, University of Navarre, and Senior Research Fellow, National Institutes of Health, Washington, DC
Professor David Sperling, co-founder, Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya
Professor John Odhiambo, president, Strathmore University, Nairobi, Kenya

13. On their way to the altars: Causes of Canonization of Opus Dei Members
John Coverdale and Maria Valdeavellano
The fruits of the spirit of Opus Dei are best appreciated in the holy lives of men and women who have tried to put it into practice. This segment looks at seven examples.
Guests: Ernesto Cofino, a physician from Guatemala
Montse Grases, a Spanish teenager who died of bone cancer
Bishop Alvaro del Portillo, the successor to Saint Josemaria as head of Opus Dei
Father Joseph Muzquiz, who started Opus Dei in the United States
Isidore Zorzano, an engineer and the first member to join Opus Dei
Mr. and Mrs. Alvira, a Spanish couple who both belonged Opus DeiToni Zweifel, a Swiss engineer

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