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A Light for All Nations
with Fr. Brian Mullady

One of the principal documents of the Second Vatican Council, Lumen Gentium (Light of the Nations) unpacks the ‘inner nature and universal mission’ of the Holy Catholic Church. In this illuminating series, renowned Dominican Scholar Fr. Brian Mullady explores this profound document and its importance in contemporary life. "


1. The Problem of the Interpretation of the II Vatican Council

2. The General Intention and Division of Lumen Gentium

3. The Church as a Sacrament

4. The People of God 1

5. The People of God 2

6. The Hierarchy – Authority of the Church in General

7. The Hierarchy - The Papacy

8. The Laity

9. The Universal Call to Holiness

10. The Religious Life

11. The Pilgrim Church

12. Mary as the Model of the Church

13. Summary

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