Jason and Crystalina Evert, known speakers on chastity among the younger set, pull no punches as they call us to be holy as He, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, is holy. In this series, they take us through difficult, daily situations in a culture that promotes worldly values, influences, and priorities as opposed to a lifestyle of faith, fortitude, and virtue.


Ep # 1  What’s Love
An introduction to the series and a look at true love.
During the series, Jason and Crystalina quote from their favorite author, Pope John Paul II, eg, “We must never forget that only when love between human beings is put to the test can its true value be seen.”

Ep # 2 Media Lies
The average American teen spends approximately 1/3 of his or her entire day with various forms of mass media: 3 – 4 hrs per day of TV; 2 – 3 hrs of radio per day; 2 hours on the computer.
How does this exposure influence the mindset of a teen; their decisions and relationships? Do advertisements such as: “Perfect abs in 26 days” empower or belittle girls, i.e., if they don’t have the boyfriend or the body, are they good enough?

Ep # 3 Power of Modesty
A culture of immodest women will become a culture of uncommitted men. Today’s female teens are dealing with an epidemic: They don’t even know if they’re dating the guy. What’s wrong? How do we fix it?
The evolution of modesty in women requires some initial insight into the male psychology.” - Pope John Paul II

Ep # 4 Pornography: Who Does it Hurt?
The pornography industry claim that no one who enjoys pornography gets hurt: You don’t contract a disease; no one gets pregnant.
However, from childhood to high school and well into adulthood, pornography trains the brain - a man’s brain, in particular - to equate sexual joy with sexual fantasies.
Porn is the distortion of love. See how pornography colors healthy relationships and destroys marriages. And what Jason and Crystalina recommend for prevention and damage control.

Ep # 5 Pure Pressure
Here Jason and Crystalina tackle expectations and pressure from peers to date: For the majority, it’s not ok to be single in High School.
Crystalina reads a letter that she wrote to her future husband and whom she had not yet met. The letter is entitled, Beloved, and speaks about what it feels to be totally alone.
Having reached a point of exhaustion, Crystalina knew there was something better out there. She shares with us how she finally put her foot down on her friends who dictated how she should live, dress, and who and when she should date.

Ep # 6 Virginity
It’s easy to get discouraged when most everyone your age is engaging in pre-marital sex.
Virginity is attractive. It’s the most beautiful thing a man can give her bride (and vice-versa)! But it takes courage to stay clean.
How far is too far? The goal is purity. Jason and Crystalina explain how purity gives you clarity of vision to choose your vocation.

Ep # 7 Starting Over
All of us have stuff in the past that we wished we could erase.
It’s never too late to start over! Jason and Crystalina point out: When God calls us to conversion, it’s not only for our sake but for those He calls us to lead to Him.
The devil may try to use the hurts of life, and sometimes our own mistakes, to make you feel it is impossible that Jesus really loves you, is really cleaving to you…When not accepted by others, even by yourself sometimes, Jesus is the One who always accepts you. Bring all you are suffering to His feet…He will do the rest.” - Blessed Teresa of Calcutta (Mother Teresa)

Ep # 9 Standards
In this episode, Jason and Crystalina help us to aim high by setting 10 standards for living. These sensible rules are a Must for all teens and include the following:
1) No missionary dating;
2) Know your boundaries;
3) Pick solid friends;
4) Don’t be afraid to say NO; and
5) Get out if you can’t stay pure.

Ep # 10 Are You a Date, or a Soul Mate?
Any young person today would agree that the pressure to date is overwhelming.
Here we look at the concept of courtship and give ear to the reality that God’s choice for our future is the right choice.
Jason and Crystalina ask us to turn to God for the love far more wonderful than we could ever dream of. In this episode they feature the prayer, Be Satisfied, where God asks us to be patient, to stop planning, and to allow HIM to bring the very best to us!

Ep # 11 Tough Issues
Jason and Crystalina take a frank look at some of the toughest issues confronting teens today: abortion; birth control; homosexuality.
Here they exchange views with their student guests on how these tough issues affect them and define the morals of a nation.

Ep # 12 Following the Saints
A lot of people think they can’t relate to the saints; that they are unreachable.
In this episode, Jason and Crystalina present proof positive that the saints are just like us and we can follow in their footsteps.

Ep # 13 Purity is the Fruit of Prayer (Prayer and the Sacraments)
You will live as you pray, say Jason and Crystalina. Here they present different forms of prayer as given to us by the Church. These prayers will lead us to a good life; a life of holiness.
Purity is the fruit of prayer.” - Blessed Teresa of Calcutta


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