The gospel of john

Dr. Tim Gray

Professor Tim Gray and five young adults from the FOCUS group at Troy State University,
discuss the Gospel Of John, explaining the signs and symbolisms.

Episodes Include:

Prologue Of John And Calling -  Prof. Tim Gray explains the prologue of John (Jn 1) as a poetic master piece of theology.

Inaugural Sings Of Jesus - The first miracle at the Wedding of Cana will be Highlighted, focusing in the Role of Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Encounter Of Nicodemus - The encounter and dialogue of Jesus with the Samaritan woman. The healing on the Sabbath will be studied in light of the Jewish law.

Woman At The Well -  This show will focus on Jesus' revelation of the Eucharist. The Eucharist is the CENTER of Jesus' mission.

The Sabbath - Here we shall see how Jesus Fulfill the Jewish liturgy of Tabernacles. Jesus replaces the Torah as the source of knowing the Father.

The Passover -  Jesus' statement that he is the Good Shepherd, as Jesus gives seven " I AM" statements in this Gospel, which are a key theme for understanding who Jesus is and what is mission is all about.

Feast Of Tabernacles -  The raising of Lazarus from the dead is the most powerful sign performed in Jesus' ministry, anticipating Jesus' own resurrection

Gospel Of John - Chapter 12 of John's Gospel is the hinge of the story, moving from Jesus' ministry to his passion

The Shepherd -  Jesus prepares his disciples for His imminent departure. He promises to give the Holy Spirit as their advocate and comforter after His departure.

The Gospel Of John -  Now Jesus commissions the apostles "sending" them out in a mission Just as the Father sent Jesus.

The Passion -  The trial narrative before Pilate illustrates Jesus' innocence and his Kingship.

The Passion Ii -  The Resurrection of Jesus is the climax of Salvation History and the Gospel of John

 The End Of St. John's Gospel - The centrality of Jesus' resurrection for our faith will be focus, debunking false views and doubts the historicity of Jesus' resurrection and the empty tomb.

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