A Christian Pilgrimage To Jordan :

Fr. Mitch Pacwa, S.J., conducts a tour of the sacred places found in the Country of Jordan, a land steeped in biblical significance.
Journey back through time to the settings of life-changing events in the life of the Church. Visit the historic Jordan River, where Jesus was baptized. See where King Herod imprisoned St. John the Baptist, and observe the localities in which some of Jesus' greatest miracles were performed, such as the healing of the Gadarene demoniac. Encounter unforgettable Jordanian national monuments like the Treasury of Petra. See if you are not metaphorically transported into heaven like Elijah in the fiery chariot when you tour the church which enshrines his hallowed memory.
Fr. Pacwa takes you to all the hallowed sites in the country of Jordan in this pilgrimage of faith.


Episodes Include:

Lot, Jacob, And Journey To Promised Land - Journey the route taken by Hebrew patriarchs to the land God promised he would give them, a land "flowing with milk and honey."

Moses On Mt. Nebo And His Last Days - Visit the site where the patriarch Moses spent his last days on earth. Learn of Moses role in receiving the Ten Commandments from God.

Petra: Eighth Wonder Of The Ancient World - See the jewel of the country of Jordan, Petra, and learn of its significance as the burial place of the Nabatean kings.

Hill Of Saint Elijah -  Visit the site associated with St. Elijah the prophet, who listened to the "still, small voice" of God and contended with the likes of King Ahab and Jezebel.

John Baptizes Jesus - Journey to the Jordan to see where so many event affecting salvation history took place, most notably the baptism of Jesus.

Petra - Byzantine Church -  Visit the spectacular Byzantine Church at the Jordanian national monument Petra.

Gadara -  Discover the locality in which one of Jesus' greatest miracles was performed, the healing of the Gadarene demoniac.

Jadash - Discover the ruins and substantial history contained within the ancient city Jerash

Acropolis And Jordan Archeological - Encounter the monument known as the Acropolis and delve into the history in the Archaelogical Museum in the Jordanian capital of Amman.

Telda Allah - Visit the hill where so much history is dedicated to the memory of God's dealings with the Jordanian people, Teldar Allah.

Byzantine Churches Dedicated To St. Elias - See the churches dedicated to St. Elijah, which commemorate his entrance into heaven via the fiery chariot.


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