Each week Ralph Martin, on his weekly television series The Choices We Face, proclaims the basic truths of Christianity. He urges repentance and faithfulness to scripture; he emphasizes the need for all to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ; he imparts the courage to stand firm over the long haul as together we cope with an increasingly secular society.

Episodes Include:

A Biblical World View - Ralph Martin and Peter Herbeck discuss how to form our hearts and minds according to the truth found in the Scriptures.

Ignation Prayer -  Fr. Gallagher offers practical wisdom for using the Ignatian method of prayer to pray with the Scriptures.

Ignation Discernment -  Fr. Gallagher discusses the Ignatian Rules for Discernment and how their insights are invaluable for spiritual growth.

Who Do You Say I Am? - Debra Herbeck shares the story of her conversion from Judaism to a personal encounter with Jesus the Messiah.

My Journey Home - Debra Herbeck continues the dramatic story of her encounter with Jesus and her journey to the Catholic Church.

Heart Of A Saint -  Bert discusses his book The Heart of a Saint and how the lives of the saints can help us grow closer to God.

Interview With Fr. Jan - Fr. Jan Liesen shares about his faith formation in the Netherlands, his call to the priesthood, and his work as a Scripture scholar.

Living In Great Hope And Joy -  Although we live in a post-Christian era, Fr. John Riccardo helps us understand how we can live in Christian hope and joy.

Prayer -  Fr. John Riccardo teaches about how prayer can help us develop a lively and intimate friendship with God.

Who Will Roll Away The Stone? -  In a roll-in from the Lift Jesus Higher Rally, Fr. Pavone proclaims a triumphant Easter message and a call to stand for life

The Two Shall Become One - Stephanie shares her own faith journey and her ministry to help engaged couples prepare for the sacrament of marriage.

 A Priest For Our Times -  Fr. Jonathan Morris shares about his call to the priesthood, his role as a news commentator for Fox television, and his new book.

Gestures Of Our Lady -  Patti gives a teaching on four gestures of Mary and how they express her nature as our heavenly Mother, model, and advocate.

Holy Spirit Make Your Home In Me - George shares a lifetime of experience as teacher, missionary, author, and Scripture scholar and the difference the Holy Spirit makes.

Taking The Next Step -  Nancy talks about her faith journey and her gradual call to active lay ministry and faith formation as director of religious education.

The Right To Privacy - Dr. Smith discusses her new book and how the "right to privacy" mentality has fueled immorality and the culture of death.

Renewal Ministries Missions -  Ralph and Peter give an overview of the international missionary work of Renewal Ministries

From Hollywood To Heaven -  Searching for truth amidst the Hollywood lifestyle, Fr. Denis encounters the Lord and his eventual call to the priesthood.

Finding Life In Christ -  Arkin shares about his journey from Judaism to Atheism to the New Age movement, and how he entered the Catholic Church.

Vision For Life: Focus Ministry -  Discusses the importance of reaching out to college students with the gospel and his work with Focus Ministry.

In God's Time -  Ordained at 75, Fr. Bill recounts the story of Gods call on his life and the message that we are never "too old" to serve the Lord.

Love Is Stronger Than Death -  The Anderbergs share about the tragic of death their son in 2004 and how the Lord has brought them through these difficult times.

Serving The Church In Ghana -  This interview with Cardinal Turkson focuses on his call to the priesthood, the growth and renewal of the Church in Ghana.

No Ordinary Buisnessman -  John discusses his vocation as a businessman, husband, father, and lay apostle.

Training For True Happiness -  The former Notre Dame coach talks about how his Catholic faith has sustained and strengthened him throughout his life.

First Things First -  A university professor shares about how God brought healing and purpose to his life following a personal tragedy.

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