In keeping with Mother Angelica's vision of spreading the Good News to the corners of the world, EWTN Radio reconfigured its shortwave radio service to better accomplish this goal. In addition to Europe and Africa, EWTN Radio is now reaching into India, the Middle East and Southeast Asia - plus increased coverage (in Spanish) to Cuba, South America, Mexico and the Caribbean, praise God!

EWTN Shortwave radio broadcasts (WEWN) are not available to most people in North America. Several EWTN Radio listening options are available to listeners in the United States, including tuning into over 210+ AM & FM affiliated stations throughout the U.S. ( updated list at /radio/affiliates.pdf ), 24/7 live online access (/radio), and on mobile devices (

In the US, you may also listen on Sirius Satellite Radio channel 130 ( or on the iHeartRadio platform (
For any questions or comments about EWTN Shortwave (WEWN), please write to