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Benedict XVI and something PIUS X said...
Question from Jacob on 4/21/2005:
United States

Pope St. Pius X apparently had a vision (stated below) where he speaks of a successor of the same name. This saintly pope's first name was Guiseppe which is Joseph in Italian. I have never seen anyone state this vision didn't occur or that it is reported wrongly. Was this an authentic occurence? If so, then we should especially pray to God that our new Holy Father is not the one spoken of...

Thank you kindly!

Pope Pius X (1903-14): In 1909, in the midst of an audience with members of the Franciscan order, he seemed to fall into a trance. Moments passed, then his eyes sprung open and he jumped to his feet. "What I have seen is terrifying!” he cried out. “Will I be the one, or will it be a successor? What is certain is that the Pope will leave Rome and, in leaving the Vatican, he will have to pass over the dead bodies of his priests!" Later, shortly before his death, another vision came to him: "I have seen one of my successors, of the same name, who was fleeing over the bodies of his brethren. He will take refuge in some hiding place; but after a brief respite, he will die a cruel death. Respect for God has disappeared from human hearts. They wish to efface even God's memory. This perversity is nothing less than the beginning of the last days of the world."

Answered on 5/4/2005:

I have not heard of this prophecy, which I take to be authentic, in the form you mention, but only that he saw a successor "by name" (meaning he knew the name), not that it was his name (whether his given name Joseph, or his assumed named, Pius). It may have been a contingent prophecy. It could have referred to Pius XII, for example, for whom we know Hitler had plans of extermination. IF it is yet in the future, we will just have to wait and see.


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