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Urgent need for tradition to be retored in the Church
Question from Jack Leone on 4/19/2005:
United States

HABEMUS PAPUM!! Will Pope Benedict XVI change the mass back to the Tridentine manner because the American Church needs to understand what tradition means? It's apparent that people don't agree with so many moral issues of the Church and Christ and yet they say their are Catholic. Something needs to be done and I see a bright future with Pope Benedict XVI. I'm all for tradition and reverence in the Church. People that don't like "conservatism" (orthodox faith) are just going to have to abide by what he stands for and whatever he might change the way Pope John XXIII has done. When we feel that we have gone astray or in trouble, St. Paul advises us to cling to tradition. A rock solid and traditional Catholic Church is exactly what Satan and the fiends of hell need so they will stay in hell as the time is coming for them to be permantly put in the lake of fire and sulpher for good along with all those who disobey Christ. God bless Pope Benedict XVI!!

-Jack Leone

Answered on 4/24/2005:

I think the Pope will help the Church to recover some of its lost reference to ecclesiastical traditions, especially in the liturgy. He is known to favor the "reform of the reform," which is also associated with Mother Angelica, Fr. Fessio and others. However, the Church will not return the Roman Rite to the liturgy of 1962, under Benedict or any future Pope, as to do so would not comply with even the most modest interpretation of the Second Vatican Council. The developments in liturgical theology of the Council are now part of the Tradition (e.g active participation of the laity), and would have to be taken into account in any future reform. However, that still leaves considerable room for reform. I do not believe he would do anything, however, without first convincing the episcopate of the need. One thing he might do, certainly, is make the Missal of 1962 more available to those who desire it, as Pope John Paul II himself wished.

The Church, of course, has never lost Tradition (i.e. Apostolic or Sacred Tradition), since that is protected by the charism of Peter.


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