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  Hermits of St. Francis of Assisi of Penance
  Karlsruhe, United States
Our Filial Obedience and Prayers ...from Hermits
  Dear Holy Father: Your Blessing Please. We are Hermits, the ancient Order of Hermits that Canon 603 of the new code of canon law has brought back into the life of the church again...we live one mile from Karlsruhe, North Dakota, usa on 75 acres of land, live a life of solitude, silence, and prayer, with vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience..We attend our local church: sts. Peter and Paul Catholic Church in Karlsruhe, where the Germans there are German Russians, a beautiful and very catholic people and our friends...we came back to the church (we were traditionalists) on the eve of the Feast of Mercy Holy Father, same day Pope John Paul II died , it was his sufferings, the prayers of EWTN Family, the Priests of EWTN and especially Mother Angelica and her sufferings that brought us back to Rome....we promise you our prayers, novenas, Rosaries, our Holy Communions, and our love and OBEDIENCE...Congratulations on your elevation to the Papacy, we know it is with love and a firm hand that many will return to the church: the traditionalists (like us)..we pray your love and firmness in doctrine and dogma will bring the feminists, and all the liberals back to TRUTH...we all must come back to TRUTH. May our fastings, prayers, and good works as Hermits help to reconcile the disidents in the church, (even tradionalists are dissidents as well) and we shall pray for the total eveangelization of Europe and America and the world...May the Novus Ordo and the Latin Tridentine Mass, and all Rites of the Church be recognized and may we all Evangelize the world...our life of silence, prayer, suffering, vigils, may we in our small way, our return to Rome and obedience, may we contribute in our small way for the conversions and unity the Church so much needs in these, the last days....Maranatha, come Lord Jesus. We love you Holy Father...Rule with love and May the Holy Spirit of God as a new Pentecost bring the whole church to repentance and a firm enlightenment to the Truth, to purge the church of new age and all heresy, is our prayer, in the Holy name of JMJ and Saint Francis...May the Blessed Virgin always envelope you in her arms and lead you and guide you..for where the Blessed Virgin is, there is the Holy Spirit...and where the Holy Spirit is, there is the Blessed Virgin, whose spouse she is..The day is coming soon, all in the church must repent of our disobedience, and stop being spoiled rotten children trying to remake His church in our own image....The Holy Spirit has spoken in elevating you as Pope...May we humbly admit we all like sheep have gone astray...come home, everyone, we did and have peace. your brothers: Hermits of St. Francis our Priest is: Fr. Dan Mrnaeveric of Sts. Peter and Paul Catholic church in Karlsruhe, ND and he is also pastor of St. Cecilia's catholic church in Velva, North Dakota.....pray for Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI...Rev. Brother Louis Pio Mary Tryon-Franciscan Hermit, Fr. Peter Mary-Franciscan Hermit, Brother Bernard Mary Domanski-Franciscan Hermit, R.I.P.


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