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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
George and Inger Zerucha, M.T.S., United States We are truly blessed! 4/19/2005
Theresa E. Miles, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Michelle Saenz, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
David W. Cummings, United States Pope Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
phillip kinsey , United States congratulations 4/19/2005
Mary Collins, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Timothy Ronald Ranck, United States Viva il Papa 4/19/2005
Lisa Bond, United States Congradulations 4/19/2005
Anne Beach, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Lauren M., United States Congratulations new Papa! 4/19/2005
MaxMarie, United States Oremus 4/19/2005
Nancy O'Hara-Jones, United States This American loves you, Holy Father ! 4/19/2005
Michael Garver, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Michael, United States Viva el Papa! 4/19/2005
John James Velasco, United States Gloria in excelsis Deo! 4/19/2005
Doris Ayuso, United States Viva Papa Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
Marquis Crocker, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Monica Smith, United States Yeaaa! 4/19/2005
Adriana R. Shelton, United States Congratulations! 4/19/2005
gary gruber, United States congratulations 4/19/2005
Daniel Morales, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Mary Ann Evans, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Charles Hendrick, United States I am prayfully happy for you. 4/19/2005
Heidi Hintze, United States Congratulations Papa! 4/19/2005
Robert , Jamie & Maria Madonna, United States May God Bless Your Pontificate 4/19/2005
Lynn Marie Hudak, United States Congratulation Pope Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
Adam R Burnieika Sr, United States Holy Father 4/19/2005
Bill Tooke, United States God Bless our new Holy Father! 4/19/2005
robert scatena, United States congratulations 4/19/2005
Derek J Witt, United States Viva il Papa Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
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