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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
Camille Chandler, United States Congratulations! 4/19/2005
Mary Ann Evans, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Gustavo Ariel Leppez, Argentina FIRMEZA y FE 4/19/2005
Pinecrest Academy, United States Pope Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
Andrea Röhm, Germany Congratulations! 4/19/2005
JUDY KNAPSKI, United States MESSAGE 4/19/2005
Kate Blake, United States Viva el Papa! 4/19/2005
Patrick Leland, Canada Habemus Papam 4/19/2005
Karen Beneventi, United States Congratulations! 4/19/2005
James Brown, United States Congratulations Holy Father! 4/19/2005
Peter Nawrot, Canada God bless Pope Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
Víctor Manuel Fiallos, Honduras Que Gran Alegría 4/19/2005
Rev. J. Dean McNamara, United States Blessings for a new Pope 4/19/2005
Leonidas Henriquez, Nicaragua Habemus Papam! 4/19/2005
Kevin and Donna Seuferer, United States Congratulations! 4/19/2005
Donald Kolenda, United States Congratulations to Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
Dario Mobini, United States WOW 4/19/2005
Mr/Mrs Taras Zvir, United States God bless you, Holy Father! 4/19/2005
Ken Haduch, United States Long live Pope Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
Roy Robichaux, United States God bless Benedict XVI! 4/19/2005
Bonnie, United States Congrats Holy Father 4/19/2005
matt rhedin, United States holy father 4/19/2005
Michael and Alice DeClemente, United States CONGRATULATIONS - VIVA LA POPA BENEDICT XVI 4/19/2005
Bruce Bley, United States Congradulations 4/19/2005
Dave T, United States New Pope 4/19/2005
Linda Mae, United States Viva el Papa 4/19/2005
Theresa Lander, United States Praised be Jesus Christ! 4/19/2005
Craig Nessel, United States Viva il papa! 4/19/2005
Connie, United States GAUDIUM MAGNUM 4/19/2005
Julia Stephens, United States Congratulations for the New Holy Father... 4/19/2005
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