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3063 congratulations from 97 countries
Name - Country Topic Date
Theresa E. Miles, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Deborah Harvey, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
James Elekonich, United States Tears of Joy 4/19/2005
Linus Arulanandam & family, Canada Congratulations 4/19/2005
ASSIH EYANA AFEIGNIDU FABIENNE, United States congratulation! 4/19/2005
Matthew D. Hassan, United States Election of Bendict the XVI - THANK YOU GOD! 4/19/2005
Julie Bean, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Martin and Gerri Ruppert, United States Congratulations, Pope Benedict XVI !!! 4/19/2005
Michael Mooney, United States grace 4/19/2005
Susan L Alcala', United States congratulations 4/19/2005
Mariella Kelly, United States Prayers and Congratulations 4/19/2005
Mary Clark, United States Thank you, Holy Father 4/19/2005
Mikey Hernandez, United States Congratulations to the New POPE!! 4/19/2005
Mr & Mrs John Allen, United States Congratulations to the new Holy Father!! 4/19/2005
Anna Cruz, OCDS, United States Thanks be to God for our new Pope! 4/19/2005
Ileana Erica Salazar, United States Congratulations 4/19/2005
Julie Anne Walker, United States Congratulations Holy Father! 4/19/2005
Keith Jura, United States God bless Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
Dawn Self, United States Praise Be To JMJ! 4/19/2005
Sean Pierce, United States Congratulations and God Bless the new Pope 4/19/2005
Ron ana Ana, United States Pope Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
ogbodo mario solomon, Nigeria GOD BE WITH YOU SERVANT OF GOD 4/19/2005
Robin , United States Congratulations Pope Benedict XVI 4/19/2005
Linda Seder and Family, United States Love without Truth is blind, Truth without Love Is empty 4/19/2005
Amy Brown, United States Congratulations Holy Father! 4/19/2005
phillip kinsey , United States congratulations 4/19/2005
David W. Cooney, United States Congratulations! 4/19/2005
Familia Aguilar Atencio, Panama Congratulation in Spanish 4/19/2005
Nicholas Marmalejo, United States Viva el Papa! 4/19/2005
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